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DoD Training

SSPC Training/Certification Courses - Covered by DoD Funding

DoD funding can be used by the following personnel for SSPC Training/Certification Courses:

  1. DoD
  2. Army
  3. Navy
  4. Air Force
  5. Marine Corps
  6. Coast Guard

Under the DoD program, approved personnel can register for SSPC coatings training courses and have the cost of the course covered by the funding.

The DoD contract runs from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017.

Please send an e-mail to Jennifer Merck at merck@sspc.org on how to take apply for the funding.

Additional Info:

- Funding is on a first come first serve basis. Classes are expected to fill up quickly so reserve your slot early.

- Deadline to register for all classes is 21 days before the course start date.

- Travel and incidental costs (lodging, per diem, etc) are not covered by the funding.

- Only the cost of the course and exam are funded under the contract.

- The funding is being provided by the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office.

Click here for available DoD funded SSPC courses.

For informationon on DoD Funding for Recertification of SSPC programs- Contact Silvia Palmieri at palmieri@sspc.org.

For further information or to register for a course, please contact Jennifer Merck at 1.877.281.7772 x2221 or merck@ sspc.org.