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Coatings-talk Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Coatings-Talk?

Coatings-Talk is an e-mail discussion group consisting of coatings experts from around the world. Anyone seeking quick, objective answers and practical solutions to coatings problems can use Coatings-Talk. There is no cost and you do not need to be a member of SSPC to participate.

2. How can I subscribe to the list?

Send an email to requests@listserv.sspc.org with the message "subscribe Coatings-talk" typed in the body of your email.

Hints: The email address that you use to subscribe will be the account from which you send the "subscribe" message. Be sure to turn off your signature file or manually remove your signature from the body of the subscribe message or your email will be interpreted by the listserv software as a command and you will not be subscribed.

3. What are the different options to receive Coatings-Talk?

  • Individual email messages, send an email to requests@listserv.sspc.org then in the body of the message type: subscribe Coatings-talk

    You will receive a welcome message with information about the list and other helpful commands. You can then send messages to the list. If you had been subscribed to the digest version of the list, you are automatically removed from the digest subscription list.

  • Coatings-talk Digest, send an email to requests@listserv.sspc.org then in the body of the message type: subscribe digest Coatings-talk. You will receive a daily digest of group activity.

Please report any subscription problems to the Postmaster: postmaster@sspc.org

4. How can I unsubscribe from Coatings-talk?

Send a message to requests@listserv.sspc.org, and in the body of the message type: un-subscribe Coatings-talk. Do not type anything in the Subject box.

Be sure to turn off your signature file as indicated in the subscribing instructions above. If the listserve does not bounce the message then your address is removed from the list automatically and you will no longer receive messages or digests and will no longer be able to send messages to the list. If your message bounces, please contact webmaster@sspc.org.

5. How does an email list work?

Anyone who has access to internet email may subscribe to Coatings-Talk using the administrative mailing address for the list: requests@listserv.sspc.org with the appropriate command. Subscribers will receive a copy of every message sent to the posting address for the list Coatings-talk. If you wish to respond, post, or otherwise have your words sent to everyone on the list, send email, by either, replying to the message to which you are responding or sending a new one, to Coatings-talk@listserv.sspc.org

The program that handles the list is set up so selecting "Reply" in your email program will send a message to the entire list. If you wish to respond individually to the sender of the message, be sure to address your message accordingly. There should be no need to copy messages to both the author and the list, since the author is a member of the list.

Messages with enclosures or attachments should not be posted to this list; if you want to send someone an enclosure, use their direct email address.

6. What is netiquette?

Netiquette is similar to another word that it is derived from, etiquette, but with a slight twist. To be able to better understand the concept of netiquette, one must know the definition of etiquette. Webster defines etiquette as: The forms, manners, and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required in society, a profession, etc. Essentially, netiquette is to the cyber world what etiquette is to the physical world. As there are certain acceptable forms of behavior when we interact with people in public, there are also acceptable forms of behavior and actions in the cyber world.

These are the guidelines by which this list will be governed. The postmaster will not tolerate any forms of abuse towards the subscribers of this list. Simply stated, behave on-line as you would in person. Watch what you type and how you word potentially volatile statements. Assume that what you say will be taken in the worst possible way, and that if someone is upset enough by it, it will come back to haunt you. If the postmaster is informed of any improper use of this list, the offending parties will be removed and banned from the list.

7. How can I get a copy of the e-mail addresses on the list?

You can't. To communicate with the list, send messages to the posting address Coatings-talk@listserv.sspc.org

8. What topics may be discussed?

This list is a general area for the discussion of coatings related issues. This list is unmoderated, that is, messages are sent to the list without prior knowledge of the postmaster. Because the list is closed, you will only be able to post from a subscribed address.

As a final note, SSPC will not tolerate unsolicited commercial email. To prevent spam, the list is closed and certain domains are blocked by the mail server and the list server.