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SSPC ListServ and Peer Network Groups

ListServ Groups

SSPC continues to operate email-based discussion groups to serve SSPC members.  These simple, yet powerful communication tools have enabled coatings professionals to communicate effectively with each other since the 1990s.

DOT ListServ

The DOT (Department of Transportation) ListServ is a discussion list for the exclusive use of DOT personnel. Federal Highway Administration Bridge Management Engineer Larry O'Donnell is the list moderator. To request a subscription to this list that SSPC maintains, interested parties must contact Mr. O'Donnell (Email: larry.o'donnell@dot.gov; Phone: (708) 283-3502)

SSPC Committees

SSPC Committees can request to have a dedicated list established to facilitate committee discussions. It is open only to members of the committee to be used solely for committee business. To set up a ListServ for your SSPC committee, contact Aimee Beggs at beggs@sspc.org or 412-281-2331, ext 2223.

Peer Forum Discussion Lists

SSPC currently maintains three dedicated discussion lists for Facility Owner Peer Forum groups, including:  Power, Marine/Offshore, and Petrochem/Chemical. The Power Peer Forum is geared specifically towards power generation facility owners. If you wish to join the Power Peer Forum listserv, contact Bruce Woodruff of Progress Energy - TSS, Coatings Program Manager at bruce.woodruff@pgnmail.com or (352) 563-4567.

If you wish to join any of the other Peer Forum lists, please contact SSPC at webmaster@sspc.org for more information. To learn more about these lists, or if you are interested in starting an SSPC hosted subject matter focused Peer Forum ListServ of your own contact SSPC Member Services at customerservice@sspc.org for more information.

C-1 eCourse ListServ

This group is a general mailing list for the use by students who are currently enrolled in SSPC's C-1 eCourse. It is moderated by SSPC staff. To subscribe you must be a paid registrant in the current C-1 eCourse.  The list is not open to former C-1 ecourse students or others not enrolled in the course.

Social Networks

SSPC currently maintains active groups in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  To connect directly with any of these groups, simply click the appropriate icon at the top of the SSPC web site.