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800 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Toll Free: 1 (877) 281-7772 (USA and Canada)
All Others: 1 (412) 281-2331

FAX: 1 (412) 444-3591

Executive Director's OfficeEmailExtension
Bill Worms, Executive Directorworms@sspc.org 2230
Christine Lajzo, Executive Admin./Accounts Receivable Coordinator lajzo@sspc.org 2231
Technology & CommunicationsEmailExtension
Michael Kline, Director, Technology & Communicationskline@sspc.org 2207
Robert Baugh, Manager, Technology baugh@sspc.org 2236
Kate Jurik, Event Manager & Exhibit Sales Specialist jurik@sspc.org 2211
Brian Spahr, Network/IT Specialist spahr@sspc.org 2220
Nicole Lourette, Event Coordinator lourette@sspc.org 2204
Megan Peterson, Marketing Communication Specialistpeterson@sspc.org2225
Chris Shondelmyer, Print and Marketing Specialistshondelmyer@sspc.org2216
Member ServicesEmail Extension
Terry Sowers, Director, Member Servicessowers@sspc.org 2219
Jennifer Merck, Manager, Training and Technical Programs merck@sspc.org 2221
Ernie Szoke, Member Sales & Development Specialist szoke@sspc.org 2214
Sara Badami, Training and Technical Program Specialist badami@sspc.org 2208
Silvia Palmieri, Individual Certification Coordinator palmieri@sspc.org 2201
Marina Pahountis, Membership Coordinator pahountis@sspc.org 2233
Nathan Wyman, Program Delivery Coordinator wyman@sspc.org 2234
Jennifer Buzzatto, Trainthepainter Administration Coordinator buzzatto@sspc.org2222
Kelly Oakes, Program Delivery Coordinatoroakes@sspc.org2215
Rachel Clites, Member Services Fulfillment Coordinator clites@sspc.org2232
Jessica Miller, Program Delivery Coordinatorjmiller@sspc.org 2202
Technical ServicesEmailExtension
Michael Damiano, Director, Technical Servicesdamiano@sspc.org 2203
Jeff Adkins, Manager, Technical Services adkins@sspc.org2224
Joe Berish, Manager, Certification Programs berish@sspc.org 2235
Aimée Beggs, Standards Development Specialist and Technical Committee Liaison beggs@sspc.org 2223
Brent Miller, Certification Specialist bmiller@sspc.org 2209
Pamela Groff, Technical Materials Development Specialist groff@sspc.org 2237
Dustin Young, Technical Services Specialist young@sspc.org2242
Anne Buches, Instructional Design Specialistbuches@sspc.org2238
Dane Worms, Technical Services Coordinator dworms@sspc.org2217
Ted Griggs, Senior Technical Auditor griggs@sspc.org
Henry Arato, Technical Auditor arato@sspc.org
Greg Hinkle, Technical Auditor hinkle@sspc.org
Patrick Eddins, Technical Auditor eddins@sspc.org
John Kern, Technical Auditor kern@sspc.org
John Caturano, Technical Auditorcaturano@sspc.org
Jon Kinney, Technical Auditorkinney@sspc.org
Business DevelopmentEmailExtension
Bob McMurdy, Business Development Specialistmcmurdy@sspc.org2226
Jim Kunkle, Manager, Business Development kunkle@sspc.org 2210
Eric Piotrowski, Business Development Specialist piotrowski@sspc.org2212
Keith Koebley, Director, Administrationkoebley@sspc.org 2206
Jordan Curry, Controller curry@sspc.org 2218
Monica Pierce, Accounting/Administrative Specialist pierce@sspc.org 2213
Dee Boyle, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant boyle@sspc.org 2200