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2017 DoD - Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference

About the Conference

The DoD - Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference is a critical event that fosters an efficient and effective collaborative enviornment to not only better understand the impact of corrosion on DoD equipment and infrastructure, but also jointly work toward practical prevention and control solutions.

Who Attends?

The conference brings together a diverse spectrum of technical expertise and knowledge representing government, industry, academia, and international corrosion partners.

Participants represent fields related to corrosion prevention and control including: basic and applied research, maintenance and sustainment, research and development, practitioners and manufacturers, and the DoD acquisition workforce.

Program Information

Through a series of technical programs and events, the conference proceedings are designed to stimulate collaboration and promote information sharing opportunities. Participants also have the opportunity to interact with respected leaders and recognized subject matter experts across the corrosion community worldwide.

Location and Dates

The 2017 DoD-Allied Nations Corrosion Conference will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, August 7 - 10, 2017.


For more information about the 2017 Dod-Allied Nations Corrosion Conference visit:http://www.dodcorrcon.org