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Corporate Membership Specialist

SSPC is seeking a Corporate Membership Specialist to work in our Pittsburgh Headquarters.

Primary and essential duties include:

  1. Ensure the successful administration, development and growth of SSPC’s Corporate Membership program. The duties involved include:
    • Develop and implement membership recruitment and retention programs to achieve sustained Corporate Membership Growth
    • Develop appropriate renewal mechanisms, membership correspondence and forms
    • Initiate the development of process improvements in the membership department
    • Work with other SSPC staff to ensure that membership options are always offered when appropriate
    • Respond to customer service enquires for corporate membership and delivery of membership benefits
    • Participate in the research and development of new membership benefits
    • Ensure that SSPC member demographic information is complete and current
    • Represent SSPC at conferences and trade shows to promote membership and other SSPC programs.
  2. Proactively and daily calling customers for Inside and outside sales of corporate memberships with a focus on development of ongoing customer relationships. This includes locating, establishing and developing contacts, prospects and sales leads or working with other SSPC departments to convert leads to sales.
  3. Maintain SSPC Corporate membership renewal program. This includes monthly contact with corporate members: creating renewal letters and invoices, follow up reminder calls.
  4. Responsible for providing monthly reporting for Corporate Membership numbers and demographics by membership category.
  5. Administration of the Flexible Benefits program to include notification of flex points for CFO members for SSPC conference registrations.
  6. Responsible for working with the technology department to ensure that membership reports and data are accurate and that online benefit mechanisms are working correctly
  7. Participate in setting membership revenue goals and ensuring that membership revenue goals are achieved. Work closely with the Individual Membership Specialist to jointly develop a strategy to grow membership. This would be presented to the leadership team and reported on quarterly.
  8. Partner with Marketing & Communications team to implement promotions and communications that promote the membership experience and member conversion. Create membership collateral to support the growth of corporate membership.
  9. Actively work with business development, pushing BD (and vice versa) to visit members when they are on the road handling other opportunities.
  10. Ensure the successful administration of the SSPC Local Chapter Program
    • Help to establish Local Chapters as required
    • Provide support to chapters as needed to help them set up meetings or events and coordinate attendance for SSPC staff at chapter events.
    • Assist chapters in finding speakers
    • Attend local chapter events
    • Monitor chapters for operation and reporting requirements
    • Coordinate the annual Chapter Award Program

Fundamental Requirements

  • Customer focused
  • Strong listening skills
  • Problem solving acumen
  • Sound functional and technical skills.
  • Perseverance
  • Time management capability
  • Must show cooperation with others – team player
  • Working knowledge of Excel, Word, CRM tools and PowerPoint
  • Project Management Skills

Qualifications to Support Primary and Essential Duties:

  1. High school graduate with 5+ years experience or college graduate with 2 years experience in sales and business.
  2. Skill requirements: office administration skills - file systems, records and reports, scheduling and coordination. Knowledge of the use of Macintosh computers and software technology is essential.
  3. Professional, courteous, personable, patient, ability to draft correspondence, read documents, create, format and edit documents on draft correspondence on Mac. Ability to use modern communications such as email, websites, internet. Ability to communicate with all levels of the work force who represent SSPC customers.
  4. Usual level of mental effort and time demands; these are intensified as conferences and events approach when multiple activities take place simultaneously.

Complementary Duties and Processes

  • Assist with administrative support in special projects or circumstances.
  • Participate in teams and task groups for meetings and projects as needed assigned or appointed.
  • Travel as required

For more information or to apply for a position, please send email to Keith Koebley.