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Director of Membership Services

Primary and Essential Duties and Processes

  1. Membership Development and Fulfillment : Maintain membership base of individuals and corporations; plan and implement programs to increase membership and member services; develop corrective actions to minimize and prevent loss of membership; establish and direct member relations programs, surveys, etc. Establish and execute processes to fulfill member benefits. Responsible for growth, development and maintenance of SSPC Chapters. Responsible for improving member retention rates and setting and meeting revenue goals.
  2. Publications Sales and Fulfillment: Manage sales and fulfillment of publications, inventory control, reprinting and restocking. Develop and manage systems to ensure member and customer satisfaction. Determine strategies for publications sales growth, assessment of membership needs for technical publications. Responsible for setting and meeting revenue goals for this program.
  3. Training and Certification Planning and Delivery: Manage delivery aspects of SSPC training programs including selecting and qualifying instructors, developing and maintaining licensee programs, scheduling and arranging onsite courses, special meetings and training events. Responsible for setting and meeting revenue goals for this program. Manage delivery and renewal of SSPC individual certification programs as well as any new programs developed or administered by SSPC
  4. Customer Service Policies: Develop and maintain a consistent level of customer service to ensure that SSPC members and customers are treated as we would like to be treated. Facilitate the engagement of members through social media.
  5. Conference Planning and Delivery: Develop and manage processes for the delivery of the SSPC International conference including technical program, training programs, CFO Program, AASHTO Coordination and the Bookstore.
  6. Department Administration and Management: Recommend and implement changes in Member Services department structure and organization to ensure effective fulfillment of objectives, goals and standards; ensure flexibility to move swiftly in anticipation of and in response to problems and industry opportunities; develop and implement effective department policies and processes; manage the Member Services department including hiring, directing, scheduling and training staff; staff management; budgets; interface with other department and Directors; provide support to Executive Director and Board of Governors as needed.

Fundamental Requirements

  1. Must demonstrate a high level of integrity and trust.
  2. Customer focused
  3. Strong listening skills
  4. Strong negotiation skills
  5. Problem solving acumen
  6. Sound functional and technical skills
  7. Perseverance
  8. Developing direct reports and others
  9. Drives for results
  10. Time management capability
  11. Managerial courage
  12. Ability to deal with ambiguity
  13. Strong business acumen
  14. Intellectual horsepower
  15. Ability to motivate others
  16. Conflict management skills

Qualifications to Support Primary and Essential Duties:

  • Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Communications, Business management or related field; or 8-10 years closely related experience in marketing, promotions, public relations, customer service, advertising, supervision and management, administration.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in personnel supervision.
  • Skill and experience in budgets, policies and procedures, employee and supervisory management, marketing collateral, promotional materials and activities, use of creative professionals and services, printing and publications in a variety of media, media and public relations, design and technical aspects, research methods, analysis, data sourcing, collection and mining, identifying and analyzing competition, creating market and promotion opportunities.
  • Computer competence - word processing, spreadsheets, databases, Internet and Web site, design packages, software; use of office equipment - phone system, fax, copier, calculator, etc. - and office practices; work almost exclusively in an office environment with minimal exposure to hazards; some travel.
  • High level of mental effort, time demands and multiple projects and priorities; sense of urgency and response to problems and opportunities; work with highly confidential and sensitive information; subject to periods of intense pressure in competitive, advertising, membership issues; diplomacy, discretion and integrity are imperative.

Core Competencies to Ensure Success:

  1. Interpersonal skills that enable you to work with people at all levels and motivate others and change people’s attitudes when necessary
  2. Written and spoken communication skills that allow you to inform and advise others clearly
  3. Problem-solving and negotiation skills
  4. Initiative and the ability to offer new ideas
  5. Organizational and planning skills to manage your time and the time of those who work for you
  6. Ability to meet deadlines and objectives
  7. Coaching, supervision, quality management

Complementary Duties and Processes
Chair, assist and/or serve as member on various teams, task groups and advisory groups in meetings and projects as needed, assigned or appointed.


For more information or to apply for a position, please send email to Keith Koebley.