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Member Services Coordinator (Bilingual)

SSPC is seeking a Member Services Coordinator to work in our Pittsburgh Headquarters.

Primary and essential duties include:

  1. Organize and manage SSPC efforts to provide services to Latin American members. The duties involved include:
    1. Interact with customers in English and Spanish (written and verbal – fluency in Portuguese is a plus)
    2. Manage customer complaints/requests in Spanish
    3. Develop technical programs for the Latin America audience at the SSPC conference
  2. Ensure the successful administration of the SSPC International Chapter Program in Latin America
    1. Provide translation support for international chapters
    2. Provide support to chapters as needed to help them set up meetings or events and coordinate attendance for SSPC staff at chapter events.
    3. Monitor chapters for operation and reporting requirements
    4. Coordinate the annual Chapter Award Program for international chapters
    5. Assist Latin American chapters with membership development
  3. Responsible for the translation or verification of translated materials for membership, promotional literature, standards, course materials, student evaluations, exams, power point presentations, articles for foreign journals and other documents as required.
  4. Assist in developing Spanish text for newsletters and the SSPC Website, and coordinate any technical translations with outside vendors
  5. Liaison for Spanish speaking potential and current SSPC Licensees and Corporate Members.
  6. Partner with Marketing & Communications team to implement promotions and communications that promote the development of SSPC in Latin America
  7. Provide assistance and support to the LATAM Advisory Council as requested by the Advisory council officers or the Business Development Department.

Fundamental Requirements

  • Customer focused
  • Strong listening skills
  • Problem solving acumen
  • Sound functional and technical skills.
  • Perseverance
  • Time management capability
  • Must show cooperation with others – team player
  • Working knowledge of Excel, Word, CRM tools and PowerPoint
  • Project Management Skills
  • Must speak and write fluently in Spanish (Portuguese is a plus)

Qualifications to Support Primary and Essential Duties:

  1. Degree in languages or combined languages and business studies, or a qualification in administration or office skills, are useful but not essential.
  2. Plus, a minimum of two years working in an office environment.
  3. Fluency in the languages required
  4. Office administration skills phone skills, file systems, records and reports; good writing, grammar and editing skills. Requires excellent verbal and communication skills. Computer competence in word processing, data base list management and report writing, multiple software programs; use of office equipment - phone system, fax, copier, etc. - and office practices; operate almost exclusively in an office environment with minimal exposure to hazards.
  5. Higher level of mental effort and time demands; these are intensified as conferences and programs approach when multiple activities take place simultaneously; leadership, coordination, organization, completion/delivery demands.

Core Competencies to Ensure Success in the Position

  • Fluency in the languages required
  • IT skills (MS Office skills and the ability to learn databases and other software)
  • Organization, time management and the ability to multitask
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Discretion regarding confidential information
  • A flexible approach to work and the ability to cope with a changing, demanding workload
  • Thoughtful about interacting with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to interface with internal staff, members, the public and external providers of services
  • Participative roles in teams and task groups
  • Must be able to understand and relate or summarize basic coatings technical information
  • Must be able to travel as needed

Complementary Duties

  1. Assist with administrative support in special projects or circumstances.
  2. Participate in teams and task groups for meetings and projects as needed assigned or appointed.
  3. Travel as required



For more information or to apply for a position, please send email to Keith Koebley.