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Revised SSPC-PA 1 Released

June 10, 2016

Subject/Title: SSPC-PA 1, Shop, Field and Maintenance Coating of Metals

Committee Name: C.3.1, Application Methods

Committee Chair Name and Company: Kieran Snow, LifeLast Inc.

Description of Contents/ Technical Revisions:

Extensive editorial and organizational revisions have been made to shorten and streamline the standard.  

  1. Commentary and supplementary information has been removed from the body of the standard and added into the Notes section. 
  2. The scope has been expanded from steel to include coated or uncoated metallic substrates.
  3. A brief discussion of the importance of a contractor’s work plan as a method of project oversight and quality assurance has been added as Appendix A, with a list of supplementary resource information. 
  4. An example of language that may be used to invoke requirements of PA-1 has been added as non-mandatory Appendix B.
  5. Discussion of application requirements for specific types of generic coatings has been removed, as most manufacturers’ application instructions are more specific than the deleted text.
  6. A section has been added to include pre-application requirements clarifying that the contractor is responsible for documenting resolution of ambiguous or conflicting requirements prior to beginning the application process, verifying that the prepared surface meets project requirements for cleanliness and surface profile prior to coating application, and ensuring that ambient conditions comply with project requirements prior to coating application.

Stakeholders Value Statement (i.e. How the standard can be used):

PA 1 provides basic requirements for best practices for application of industrial/marine protective coatings to coated or uncoated metallic substrates, and is intended for use by both specifiers and contractors, either in its entirety or by referencing specific sections. It focuses on the coating application process and application-related items that are included as one element of the contractor's work plan or process control procedures. The scope of this standard includes specific as well as general requirements for the application of liquid coatings applied by brush, spray, or roller.

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