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SSPC, MPI Group (UK) Become Global Strategic Partners in Worldwide Applicator Training

April 4, 2016

SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings and MPI Group (UK) are pleased to announce  the expansion of their 2014 agreement to provide global applicator training.  Under the terms of the new agreement, SSPC will license the rights to the Trainthepainter applicator training program created by MPI Group, and the two entities will become Global Strategic Partners.

Trainthepainter is a highly advanced and internationally recognized training program that is used to teach corporate educators how to train contractors and craftworkers who perform surface preparation and coating application.  It includes both theoretical (classroom) and practical (hands-on) modules that cover broad topics like Health and Safety, Access, Surface Preparation, Paint Types, Paint Application, Quality Control, Metallic Coatings, Intumescent Coatings, Concrete, Environmental issues, Coating Failure, Management and Supervision, Offshore, Specialty coatings and Visual Standards.  In addition, there are detailed modules specifically for Abrasive Blast Cleaning and Spray Painting that go into equipment setup, safety procedures, standards and materials.

Andrew Deere, Managing Director of the MPI Group commented, “Trainthepainter has been developed with the cooperation of a number of leading industry experts into a comprehensive training platform. SSPC brings to the table over 65 years of expertise in coatings standards and training, and a worldwide network of professionals dedicated to raising the bar in the industry. It’s a winning situation for owners, contractors and applicators.” 

Trainthepainter, which is used extensively in the UK, was written to meet the SSPC ACS 1/NACE No. 13 Applicator Certification Standard, as well as SSPC’s C-7 Abrasive Blaster and C-12 Spray Applicator certifications. This means that students who successfully complete the Trainthepainter curriculum can sit for the SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS), C-7 and C-12 certification exams as long as they meet the experience requirements for each program.

According to Bill Worms, Executive Director of SSPC, “This partnership is a great fit for SSPC and our strategic direction. Trainthepainter is a high quality program designed to fit the needs of painters of all skill levels and backgrounds, and it takes into account the international nature of the profession. MPI Group has done a fantastic job developing the training, and SSPC is excited to put our brand on it.” 

As countless studies have concluded, the benefits of training are real and measurable, and include reduced re-work, better first-quality work, higher production stemming from a skilled workforce, and greater awareness of safe practices which leads to a reduction in accidents. SSPC has already certified nearly 4,000 Coating Application Specialists since 2011.

By working together, MPI and SSPC are bringing their extensive resources and expertise to a much larger audience.  Under the terms of the agreement, Trainthepainter will be branded as SSPC Trainthepainter and administered in the USA, South America and Canada by SSPC. MPI Group will administer the program in all other countries.  

For more information about SSPC Trainthepainter, please contact Eric Piotrowski of SSPC at piotrowski@sspc.org or David Eyre of the MPI Group at david.eyre@mpigroup.co.uk.

About SSPC

SSPC is internationally recognized as a leading source of information, training, and certification, on surface preparation, coating selection, coating application, environmental regulations, and health and safety issues in the field of protective coatings. Our surface preparation and coatings standards have been governing the application of coatings worldwide since 1950 when the organization was founded as the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC). Originally part of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, SSPC is dedicated to the use of high-performance industrial coatings for the protection and preservation of concrete, steel and other industrial and marine surfaces. From an initial core of fundamental coatings training courses developed in the early 1990’s to the comprehensive list of technical certifications offered today, over 35,000 industry professionals have used SSPC to enhance their coatings knowledge. For more information about SSPC, visit www.SSPC.org

About MPI Group

The MPI Group is a publishing, training and marketing company that has been involved in the marine industry since 1981.

Located in Farnham, Surrey, UK, MPI was originally formed to publish the well-respected ship repair, maintenance and conversion magazine Drydock. Since those early days, it has expanded to produce a number of publications including the widely read PCE International coatings industry magazine and Fitz’s Atlas 2 of Coating Defects. In addition, it offers several coatings-related training programs such as Corrodere, Trainthepainter, and Coating Supervisor’s Course. For more information about MPI Group, visit www.mpigroup.co.uk