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SSPC Peru Chapter Charter Approved

October 23, 2017

SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings announced that on September 20, 2017 the organizations’ Board of Governors approved a member petition to establish the Charter of the SSPC Peru Chapter. With the establishment of the SSPC Peru Chapter, this approval represents the second charter approval during 2017 of an SSPC Chapter in Latin America.

Through a network of international chapters, SSPC members can engage and interact with other professionals within the Protective Coatings industry in their countries and global regions.

In addition to the approval of the chapter charter, SSPC Peru Chapter announced the election results of Chapter Officers.

Chairperson (Interim)
Martin Vassallo

Vice Chairperson (Interim)
Luis Tapia Casquero

Secretary (Interim)
Henry Capcha

Treasurer (Interim)
Jorge Luis Urdanivia
Corrosion & Protective Coatings

With the charter approval of the Peru Chapter, Interim Chairperson Martin Vassallo of EDECO Peru had this to add: “This is great news for Peru. It was time to establish a SSPC Chapter in Peru. We as SSPC Members must promote the professional training of craft workers who paint, abrasive blast, supervise, inspect. Also it is necessary to show facility owners the benefits of SSPC standards, contractor and paint shop certification programs, and best practices that need to be applied in industrialized countries to assure cost reduction and expansion of steel and concrete assets life spans.”

Members of the SSPC Peru Chapter pose for a picture.