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SSPC Brazil Chapter Charter Approved

February 9, 2018

SSPC is pleased to announce that on January 13, 2018 the organization's Board of Governors approved a member petition to establish the Charter of the SSPC Brazil Chapter. With the establishment of the SSPC Brazil Chapter, this approval represents the third charter approval since 2017 of an SSPC Chapter in Latin America.

Through a network of international chapters, SSPC members can engage and interact with other professionals within the Protective Coatings industry in their countries and global regions.

In addition to the approval of the chapter charter, SSPC Brazil Chapter announced the election results of Chapter Officers.

Jeferson Da Silva
Sherwin Williams Company

Vice Chairperson
Fernando Fragata

Renata Freitas

Emilio Castro

With the charter approval of the Brazil Chapter, Chairperson Jeferson Da Silva of Sherwin Williams had this to add: "I believe that everything has a right time to happen, SSPC arriving in Brazil is perfect timing. Today, craftworkers and professionals in the protective coatings industry in Brazil need support and SSPC provides high-quality trainings. SSPC has global recognition, which will provide SSPC trained and certified craftworkers and professionals in Brazil opportunities to also work for foreign companies with operations in Brazil. Petrobras, that is a reference company in Brazil, has already recognized the importance of SSPC certifications and is asking their contractors to be qualified and certified as SSPC QP 1 for offshore painting projects. Our mission here in Brazil will be to work with craftworkers and professionals in the Brazilian coatings industry to bring more training, events, seminars, workshops that improve their knowledge to meet company requirements. I am very pleased and proud to be part of the SSPC global team."

SSPC Brazil Chapter (representative group), SSPC 2018