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Announcing New Wastewater Standard (SSPC-Paint 44)

August 02, 2013

SSPC is pleased to announce the release of a new performance-based standard for liquid-applied organic polymeric coatings and linings for concrete structures in municipal wastewater facilities. SSPC-Paint 44 establishes a minimum performance requirement for liquid-applied organic polymeric coatings and linings in wastewater collection systems, treatment systems, solids handling areas, chemical storage, and secondary containment. SSPC-Paint 44 was developed by SSPC committee C.1.13, Coatings for Wastewater Facilities, chaired by Lake Barrett of Sauereisen.

This standard establishes minimum performance standards for coatings used over concrete in municipal wastewater facilities, based on categories of service environments and structures within the facility. The specifier identifies the structure to be coated, then determines the performance requirements for coatings for the structure’s service environment based on a table included in the standard.  An example of language that could be used to specify coating requirements from the standard is provided in the non-mandatory notes.

Click here to purchase and download SSPC-Paint 44 from the Marketplace