Organizational (Corporate) Membership

SSPC features four classes of organizational membership:

  • Industrial Affiliate
  • Sustaining
  • Patron
  • Council of Facility Owners

To search for an Organizational Member company, please use the Member Search search on the home page.

Benefits of Membership:

Industrial Affiliate
The Industrial Affiliate class of membership is especially designed for materials and equipment manufacturers and suppliers as well as consulting firms and industrial painting contractors. A distinctive class of SSPC membership, Industrial Affiliates help SSPC identify and underwrite the launch of new programs that will lead the coatings industry through the 21st century. These companies gain a significant return on their annual dues investment in SSPC with exclusive benefits.

Sustaining and Patron

  • Free individual memberships
  • Free publications with discounts on additional publications and videotapes
  • Discounts on exhibit space at SSPC's International Conference
  • Discounts on application and exam fees in the Protective Coatings Specialist Certification program
  • Discounts on JPCL ads
  • Savings on PCCP initial audit fee
  • Use of the SSPC logo
  • Exposure for your company on our on-line members directory
  • Company listing in the Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings (JPCL)
  • Put your company website as a link on our website for FREE!

Council of Facility Owners (CFO)(for Facility Owners only - see FAQ below)
The Council of Facility Owners is a membership class that provides facility owners (public and private) with the features they request most. Facility owners who join SSPC at both the Sustaining and Patron levels are permitted to participate in the CFO. Features of the CFO include free SSPC publications and discounts on additional SSPC publication purchases, individual memberships for employees, discounts on training courses and tutorials, discounts on application and exam fees for Protective Coating Specialist certification, participation in the facility owners peer forums, and free registrations to SSPC's International Conference & Exhibition .

CFO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the definition of a Facility Owner?

Facility Owners are companies or agencies responsible for the maintenance of plants or structures that require the use of protective coatings for corrosion protection. Examples include: Chemical processing plants; petroleum refining, processing and distribution companies; mining companies; pulp and paper mills; oil or gas production companies (offshore or land-based); conventional or nuclear power plants; railcar manufacturers; federal, state and local bridge and highway departments; water departments; wastewater treatment facilities; food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies; equipment and vehicle manufacturers; pipeline owners; and gas and electric utilities.

Who are typical Facility Owner employees?
Typically, employees of Facility Owner members that participate in SSPC include coatings professionals who are directly responsible for the maintenance of coatings of heavy or light industrial structures and surfaces (e.g. engineers, maintenance specialists, plant managers, etc.).

My company maintains a facility, but we also sell products. Do we qualify as a Facility Owner?
Because the benefits of membership for suppliers and facility owners are slightly different, you should discuss your needs with Nathan Wyman, SSPC's Membership Development Specialist. For example, companies who wish to have access to SSPC for their maintenance operations would be better served with a CFO membership.  Companies who wish to have access to SSPC for their sales and marketing operations would be better served with a standard Organizational Membership. Occasionally purchasing two memberships is recommended for companies in this situation. Because suppliers and facility owners represent two unique categories within SSPC's bylaws, benefits that apply to one sometimes don't apply to the other, even with the same company.

How to Join
To join SSPC as an Organizational Member, simply download and complete the appropriate enrollment form below, and send it to SSPC.

Click here to download forms: Standard Enrollment Form | Facility Owners Enrollment Form


For information about benefits, filling out the application form, and typical fees associated with organizational membership, contact SSPC Membership by calling 1.412.281.2331 ext. 2214 or sending email to . Please include the name, address, and a brief description of your company in an email so we can send you the right membership package.