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Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

2016 Meeting

August 2015 DAC Revision

The Disciplinary Action Criteria was updated in August 2015 with the following editorial clarifications:

  • The definition of affiliated company has been clarified in the note at the bottom of page 5.
  • The language about the informal conference has changed in Part V, Section G on page 7.
  • The language about Termination under Severe Critical Faults on the Table of Disciplinary Actions on page 11 has been clarified.
  • The note at the bottom of the Table of Disciplinary Actions on page 11 has been updated.

Download the revised DAC here: DAC August 2015

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Advisory Committee CAS Information


The periodic 5-year review and revision of The SSPC/NACE Joint Applicator Certification Standard (SSPC-ACS 1/NACE No. 13) "Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist Qualification and Certification," is underway. This standard provides criteria for the education, training, experience, knowledge, and skills required by an Application Specialist to prepare and apply protective coatings to steel and concrete surfaces of complex industrial structures. This standard may be used for certification of Application Specialists for other substrates or conditions, as considered appropriate by facility owners, contractors, or certifying agencies. It is the basis for SSPC's CAS program.

Draft revisions to this standard are being prepared by a joint task group comprised of SSPC and NACE members. The proposed revisions will be balloted to consensus committees within NACE and SSPC. If you are interested in joining the SSPC committee reviewing this standard, please contact Aimée Beggs, SSPC Standards Development Specialist at 412-288-6042 or email beggs@sspc.org.

For additional questions about CAS and the information found in the links below, please contact Joe Berish (berish@sspc.org).

Older News Items

SSPC QP Programs Brochure
An illustrated, full-color 8-page brochure that talks about the SSPC QP programs and how they benefit owners and contractors.

SSPC QP Programs Summary
A single page that lists and describes the SSPC QP programs and the advantages of hiring SSPC certified companies.

PCCP Charter

Current PCCP Advisory Committee Members

Bison RexDunkin & Bush
Cogswell SteveBAE Systems
Cohan BobAtlas Painting & Sheeting
Capolupo RichardPrime Coatings Inc
Caturano John K2 Industrial
Gladwin PaulTDA Construction
Harper CliffCertified Coating Specialist
Henley BruceBrock Enterprises
Holle DonAbhe & Svoboda
Kavouris AnthonyAtlantic Painting Company
Kousisis TomAlpha Painting & Const.
Manous GarryBrock Industrial Services
McCoy BarrySurface Technologies
Phillips LesPhillips Industrial Services Corp.
Roystan ScottModern Protective Coatings
Scaturro SamAlpine Painting
Smith RickWilliams Group
Smith Steven E.Superior Maintenance Co.
Taylor JamesNewport News Shipbuilding
Yarbrough RonPro-Spec Corp.
Wilder BradIntech Contracting LLC
Robe GreggMaryland DOT
Zarate DanUS Navy Facilities
Blum MitchMB Environmental
Campbell BillCeltic Consulting
Murphy BobSherwin Williams
FCA National Board/FTI Trustee
Porto RobertFinishing Trades Institute
Union / Labor 
Serse AngeloIUPAT
SSPC - Ex Officio 
Damiano MichaelDirector
Griggs TedSenior Auditor
Berish JoeCorporate Certification Specialist