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Discontinued SSPC Standards

Last Updated August 27, 2014

The following SSPC standards have been discontinued but are available upon request for information only. For recently updated standards, visit New or Updated SSPC Standards 2009-present . For a list of active standards with dates of latest revision, visit Latest Revision Dates of SSPC Standards



Date Discontinued

SSPC-SP 4 Flame Cleaning of New Steel                           1982
 SSPC-SP 9 Weathering Followed by Blast Cleaning  1971

/NACE No.5

 Surface Preparation and Waterjet Cleaning of Metals Prior to Recoating  2012
SSPC-Paint COM Commentary on SSPC Paints   2011
SSPC-Paint 1 Red Lead & Raw Linseed Oil Primer  1995
SSPC-Paint 2 Red Lead, Iron Oxide, Raw Linseed Oil & Alkyd Primer.  1995
SSPC-Paint 3 Red Lead, Iron Oxide & Fractionated Linseed Oil Primer  1971
 SSPC-Paint 4 Extended Red Lead, Raw & Bodied Linseed Oil Primer  1982
 SSPC-Paint 5 Zinc Dust, Zinc Oxide and Phenolic Varnish Paint  2005
 SSPC-Paint 6 Red Lead, Iron Oxide & Phenolic Varnish Paint 1982
 SSPC-Paint 8  Aluminum Vinyl Paint  2011
 SSPC-Paint 9  White (or Colored) Vinyl Paint  2011
 SSPC-Paint 11 Red Iron Oxide, Zinc Chromate, Raw Linseed Oil
and Alkyd Paint
 SSPC Paint 12 Cold Applied Asphalt Mastic Paint (Extra Thick Film)  2005
 SSPC-Paint 13 Red or Brown One-Coat Shop Paint  1995
 SSPC-Paint 14 Red Lead, Linseed Oil and Alkyd Primer  1982
 SSPC-Paint 17  Chlorinated Rubber Primer  2011
 SSPC-Paint 18  Chlorinated Rubber Intermediate Coat  2011
 SSPC-Paint 19  Chlorinated Rubber Topcoat  2011
 SSPC-Paint 21  White or Colored Silicone Alkyd Paint  2011
 SSPC-Paint 22  Epoxy Polyamide Coating  2011
 SSPC-Paint 25  Zinc Oxide, Alkyd, Linseed Oil Primer for Use Over Hand-Cleaned Steel 2011
 SSPC-Paint 25 bcs Zinc Oxide, Alkyd, Linseed Oil Primer for Use Over Blast-Cleaned Steel  2011
 SSPC-Paint 26  Slow-Drying Linseed Oil Black Maintenance Primer  2011
 SSPC-Paint 28  Water-Borne Epoxy Primer for Steel Surfaces  2013
 SSPC-Paint 31  Single-Package Waterborne Alkyd Primer, Performance-Based  2011
 SSPC-Paint 34  Water-Borne Epoxy Topcoat for Steel Surfaces  2013
 SSPC-Paint 35  Medium Oil Alkyd Primer  2011
 SSPC-Paint 37  Water-Borne Epoxy Topcoat for Steel Surfaces  2013
 SSPC-Paint 101  Aluminum Alkyd Paint, Leafing (Type I) and Non-Leafing (Type II)  2013
 SSPC-Paint 102  Black Alkyd Paint  2011
 SSPC-Paint 103 Black Phenolic Paint  2005
 SSPC-Paint 104  White or Tinted Alkyd Paint  2013
 SSPC-Paint 106  Black VInyl Paint  2011
 SSPC-Paint 107 Red Lead, Linseed Oil and Alkyd Primer and Intermediate Coat  1995
 SSPC-Paint 108  High-Build Thixotropic Leafing Aluminum Paint  2011
 SSPC-PS COM  Commentary on SSPC Painting Systems  2011
 SSPC-PS 1.00  Guide for Selecting Oil-Based Painting Systems  2011
 SSPC-PS 1.01 Oil-Base System, Four-Coat, with Linseed Oil Primer (for Weather-Exposed Wire-Brushed Steel)  1982
 SSPC-PS 1.02  Oil-Base Paint System, Four-Coat with Linseed Oil Primer (for Weather-Exposed Wire-Brushed Steel)  1982
 SSPC-PS 1.03 Oil Base Paint System with AASHTO Linseed Oil & Alkyd Paints (for Weather-Exposed Wire-Brushed Steel)  1982
 SSPC-PS 1.04 Three-Coat Oil-Alkyd (Lead- and Chromate-Free) Painting System for Galvanized or Non-Galvanized Steel (with Zinc Dust-Zinc Oxide Linseed Oil Primer)  2000
 SSPC-PS 1.05 Oil Base Paint System with Linseed Oil & Alkyd Primer
(for Weather-Exposed Wire-Brushed Steel)
 SSPC-PS 1.06 Oil Base Paint System with Red Lead Linseed Oil Primer  1982
 SSPC-PS 1.07 Three-Coat Oil Base Red Lead Painting System  1995
 SSPC-PS 1.08 Four-Coat Oil Base Red Lead Painting System  1995
 SSPC-PS 1.09  Three-Coat Oil-Base Zinc Oxide Painting System  2011
 SSPC-PS 1.10  Four-Coat Oil-Base Zinc Chromate Painting System  2011
 SSPC-PS 1.11 Three-Coat Oil Base Red Lead Painting System  1995
 SSPC-PS 1.12 Three-Coat Oil Base Zinc Chromate Painting System  2005
 SSPC-PS 2.00  Guide for Selecting Alkyd Painting Systems  2011
 SSPC-PS 2.01 Alkyd Paint System: Four-Coat System with Red Lead Primer
(for Weather Exposure)
SSPC-PS 2.02 Alkyd Paint System: With Zinc Chromate Primer
(for Weather Exposure
SSPC-PS 2.03 Three-Coat Alkyd Painting System with Red Lead Iron Oxide Primer
(for Weather Exposure)1995
SSPC-PS 2.04 Alkyd Paint System With Zinc Chromate Iron Oxide Primer
(for Weather Exposure)
SSPC-PS 2.05 Three-Coat Alkyd for Unrusted Galvanized Steel
(for Weather Exposure)
SSPC-PS 3.00 Guide for Selecting Phenolic Painting
 SSPC-PS 4.00  Guide for Vinyl Painting Systems  2011
SSPC-PS 4.01 Four-Coat Vinyl Painting System with Red Lead
Primer (for Salt Water or Chemical Use)
 SSPC-PS 4.02  Four-Coat Vinyl Painting System  2011
SSPC-PS 4.03 Three-Coat Vinyl Painting System with Wash Primer
(for Salt Water and Weather Exposure
SSPC-PS 4.05 Three-Coat Vinyl Painting System with Wash Primer and
Vinyl Alkyd Finish Coat (for Atmospheric Exposure)
 SSPC-PS 7.00  Guide for Selecting One-Coat Shop Painting Systems  2013
SSPC-PS 7.01 One-Coat Shop Paint System with Red or Brown Primer 1982
SSPC-PS 8.00 Guide to Topcoating Zinc-Rich Primers
(now see SSPC-PS 12.00)
SSPC-PS 8.01 One-Coat Rust Preventive Painting System with
Thick-Film Compounds
 SSPC-PS 9.01  Cold-Applied Asphalt Mastic, Extra-Thick Film  2011
SSPC-PS 10.00 Guide for Selecting Hot or Cold Applied Coal Tar Painting Systems 1982
SSPC-PS 10.01  Hot-Applied Coal Tar Enamel Painting System  2013
 SSPC-PS 10.02 Cold-Applied Coal Tar Mstic System  2013
SSPC-PS 11.01  Black (or Dark Red) Coal Tar Epoxy-Polyamide Painting System  2013
 SSPC-PS  13.01 Epoxy-Polyamide Painting System  2011
 SSPC-PS 14.01 Steel Joist Shop Painting System  2011
SSPC-PS 15.00  Guide to Selecting Chlorinated Rubber Painting Systems  2011
SSPC-PS 15.01  Chlorinated Rubber Painting System (Salt Water)  2011
SSPC-PS 15.02  Chlorinated Rubber Painting System (Fresh Water)  2011
SSPC-PS 15.03  Chlorinated Rubber Painting System (Marine/Industrial)  2011
SSPC-PS 15.04  Chlorinated Rubber Painting System (Field Application over Solvent-Based Inorganic Zinc Primer)  2011
 SSPC-PS 16.01 Silicone Alkyd Painting System for New Steel  2011
SSPC-PS 17.00  Guide for Selecting Urethane Systems  2011
SSPC-PS 18.01  Three-Coat Latex Painting System  2011
SSPC-PS 19.00  Guide for Selecting Painting Systems for Ship Bottoms  2011
SSPC-PS 20.00  Painting Systems for Boottoppings  2011
SSPC-PS 21.00 Painting Systems for Topsides  2011
SSPC-PS 24.00  Latex Painting System for Industrial and Marine Atmospheres, Performance-Based  2013
SSPC-PS 27.00  Alkyd Coating System Materials Specification, Performance-Based


SSPC-PA Guide 3 A Guide to Safety in Paint Application 2008
SSPC-Guide 11 Guide for Coating Concrete 2003
SSPC-TU 4 Field Methods for Retrieval and Analysis of Soluble Salts
on Substrates (replaced by SSPC Technology Guide 15)
SSPC-PT 1 Wetting Oil Treatment 1982
SSPC-PT 2 Cold Phosphate Surface Treatment 1982
SSPC-PT 3 Basic Zinc Chromate-Vinyl Butyral Washcoat 1982
SSPC-PT 4 Hot Phosphate Surface Treatment 1982