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Status of SSPC Technical Committee Projects


Last update: April 15, 2015

Click this link to see a list of Active Technical Committee Ballots due dates and drafts available for review and comment.


Document: Revision of SSPC-Paint 20, Zinc-Rich Coating, Type I - Inorganic and Type II - Organic
Status: Comments from informal review to be discussed at SSPC 2015 meeting
Committee: Anthony Lambrosa, Sherwin-Williams
Chair: C.1.1, Zinc-Rich Coatings
Document: Revision SSPC-Paint 42, Epoxy-Polyamide Primer, Performance-based and development of performance-based epoxy topcoat
Status: preparing for Standards Review Committee review
Committee: C.1.3.C, Epoxy-Polyamide Coatings
Chair: Heather Stiner
Document: Revision of SSPC-Paint 39
Status: Board of Governors has approved for publication
Committee: C.1.3.D, Polyurethane Coatings
Chair: Michael J. Masciale
Document: Guide to Application of Powder Coatings for Corrosion Control
Status: Preliminary draft in preparation
Committee: C.1.7, Powder Coatings
Chair: Andy Rogerson, AltaVista Solutions
Document: Technology Update on Fluoropolymer Coatings
Status:  Board of Governors has approved for publication
Committee: C.1.8, Fluoropolymer Coatings
Chair: Robert Parker, AGC Chemicals
Document: Revision of SSPC-CS 23.00/AWS C.2.12/NACE No. 12
Status: Draft #2 ballot closed January 11, 2015, negative resolution in progress
Committee: C.1.14, Thermal Spray Coatings
Chair: William M. Medford
Document: Guide for Determining Location and Number of Test Measurements for Soluble Salt Contamination on Steel Surfaces

Draft #3 in preparation for ballot

Committee: C.2.12, Location and Number of Test Measurements for Soluble Salt Contamination on Steel Surfaces
Chair: Patrick R. Nau, Bechtel Industries
Document: Guide for Specifying Envbironmental Climate Control for Blast Cleaning and Coating Application
Status: Scope is being revised, committee conference call May 14, 2015
Committee: C.2.14, Dehumidification
Chair: Micah McCluer, Newport News Shipbuilding
Document: Revision of SSPC-AB 2, Cleanliness of Recycled Ferrous Metallic Abrasives
Status: PUBLISHED March 2015
Committee C.2.16, AB 2 and 3 Revision
Chair: Bill Hansel, California Department of Transportation
 Document  Use and Retention of Pre-Construction Primer on Steel in Shipbuilding
 Status Chair preparing revised draft in response to Draft #1 ballot comments
Committee C.2.18, Surface Preparation of Pre-Construction Primers
 Chair:  Peter J. Ault, Elzly Technologies
Document: Revision SSPC-PA 1
Status: Draft #1 ballot completed, chair reviewing comments
Committee: C.4.1, Maintenance Paintiing
Chair: Kieran Snow, Snow Coating Equipment
Document: Revision of SSPC-PA 9, Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness Using Ultrasonic Gages
Status: Preparing for Board of Governors review
Committee: C.3.12, PA 9 Revision
Chair: Heather Stiner
Document: Review/Revise SSPC TU 7, Conducting Ambient Air, Soil, and Water Sampling During Surface Preparation and Paint Disturbance Activities
Status: Board of Governors conducting final review
Committee: C.5.3.C, Environmental Monitoring
Chair: Alison B. Kaelin, ABKaelin, LLC
Document Technology Update on Containment Support Structures and Platform Design
Committee C.5.5, Platform Design
Status Chair reviewing comments on Preliminary Draft
Chair: Scott Silberman, SMS Engineering
Document: Revision of SSPC-QP 8, Qualification of Contractors Applying Coatings to Concrete and Cementitious Substrates
Committee: C.7.4, Qualification of Concrete Coating Contractors
Chair: John Russo, Blendex
Document: Standard for Classification of Texture of Concrete Coatings
Status: Preliminary Draft in Preparation
Committee: C.7.5, Texture of Concrete Coatings
Chair: Thomas J. Murphy
Document: Guide for Detection of Moisture in Concrete and Masonry Walls and Ceilings
Status: Draft #1 balloted March 10, 2015 due April 19, 2015
Committee: C.8.1, Commercial Cleaning and Painting
Chair: Kevin Brown, KTA-Tator, Inc.
Document: Performance standard for elastomeric exterior waterborne high-build coatings
Status: Preparing for review by Board of Goverors
Committee: C.8.2, Commercial Coating Materials
Chair: Steven Reinstadtler, Bayer MaterialScience
Document: Guide for Evaluating Slip and Fall Resistance of Flooring Surfaces
Status: Board of Governors conducting final review
Committee: C.8.3, Commercial Flooring
Chair: Fred Goodwin, BASF
Document: Guide for Fluid-Applied Air Barrier Coatings for Concrete Masonry Units
Status: preparing for Draft #2 ballot
Committee: C.8.4, Commercial Air and Vapor Barrier Coatings
Chair: Kevin Knight, RetroSpec, Inc..
Document: Standards for Surface Preparation by Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning
Status: ballots have closed, chair reviewing comments
Committee: TG 350
Chair: Lydia Frenzel, The Advisory Council
Document: Revision of Joint SSPC-TR 2/NACE 6G198 Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning
Status: Draft in preparation
Committee: TG 325
Chair: Lydia Frenzel, The Advisory Council
Document: Revision/reaffirmation of SSPC-SP 5, SP 6, SP 7, SP 10, and SP 14
Status: Task Group comments have been incorporated into revised draft. Review by Joint SSPC/NACE Ad-Hoc Committee on Facilitation of Joint Standards needed prior to formal ballot
Committee: TG 006
Chair: Kenneth A. Trimber, KTA-Tator Inc.