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Status of SSPC Technical Committee Projects

 Last update: August 8, 2016

Contact Aimée Beggs (beggs@sspc.org) 412-288-6042 to obtain copies of drafts in ballot or to join a committee.




C.1.1 Zinc Rich Coatings Kristin Leonard, Bechtel Corporation Review/Revise PS 12.00, Guide to Zinc-Rich Coatings Preliminary draft in preparation
    Review/revise PS 12.01 Revision, One-Coat Zinc Rich Coating System Preliminary draft in preparation
    Review/revise Paint 20 Revision, Zinc-Rich Coatings, Type I – Inorganic, and Type II – Organic Preliminary draft in preparation
    Review/revise Paint 30, Weld-Through Inorganic Zinc Primers Preliminary draft in preparation
C.1.15, Revision Guide 14 Bernardo Duran, AZZ Galvanizing Review/revise Guide 14, Guide for the Repair of Imperfections in Galvanized, Organic, or Inorganic Zinc-Coated Steel Using Organic Zinc-Rich Coatings Preliminary draft in preparation
C.1.3.C, Epoxy Polyamide Coatings Bobbi Jo Merten, US Bureau of Reclamation Develop performance standard for epoxy topcoat Draft #1 ballot completed,negative resolution in progress
C.1.3.D Polyurethane Coatings Michael J. Masciale Review/revise Paint 41, Micaceous Iron Oxide Reinforced Polyurethane Primer, Performance-Based Negative resolution/recirculation required
C.1.4.C.Water-borne Acrylic Leo Procopio, Dow Chemicals Review/revise Paint 24 (Latex Topcoat) Preparing for final review by Board of Governors
C.1.7 Powder Coatings Andy Rogerson, AltaVista Solutions Develop Powder Coating Selection Guide Preliminary draft in preparation
C.1.8 Fluoropolymer Coatings Bob Parker, AGC Chemicals Develop performance-based standard for fluoropolymer coating material Preliminary draft in preparation
C.1.1.3, Wastewater Coatings Bob Murphy, Sherwin-Williams Revise SSPC-Paint 44 Draft revision in preparation
C.1.5.A, Aluminum Pigmented Coatings Al Beitelman, US Army CERL Revise SSPC-PS 26.00, Aluminum-Filled Epoxy Coating Sytem Standards Review Committee conducting review
C.1.5.C, Prevention of Corrosion Under Insulation Art MacKinnon, PPG Industries Develop standard for inspection and repair of coatings under insulation Preliminary draft in preparation
C.2.3 Power Tool Cleaning Jeff Theo, Vulcan Coatings Review and update SSPC-SP 2 and SSPC-SP 3 Draft #1 Ballot completed, may require negative recirculation ballot.
C.2.8, Cleaning of Non-Ferrous Metals John Bullard, Port Authority of New York/New Jersey Review and update SSPC-SP 16 Chair working on negative resolution from Draft #1 ballot
C.2.12 Location and Number of Soluble Salt Test Measurements on Steel Surfaces Patrick Nau, Bechtel Corp. Develop Procedure for Determining Compliance with Permissible Soluble Salt Levels Draft #1 ballot completed, negative resolution in progress
C.2.14, Dehumidification Russ Brown, Polygon Group Develop Guide for Specifying and Implementing Dehumidification on Protective Coatings Projects Preliminary draft in preparation
C.2.16 Abrasives Bill Hansel, CL Coatings Review and update SSPC-AB 3, Ferrous Metallic Abrasives  preparing for Draft #2 ballot
C.2.18  Preconstruction Primers Pete Ault, Elzly Technologies Develop Guide to Secondary Surface Preparation of Preconstruction Primed Surfaces Preparing for Board of Governors Approval
C.3.11, Estimating Areas for Protective Coatings Projects Bob Cusumano, Coatings Consultants Develop standard for estimating areas for industrial coatings projects Preliminary draft in preparation
C.3.17, Revision SSPC-QP 6 William Medford, InSpec Review/revise QP 6, Qualification of Thermal Spray Contractors Preliminary revised draft in preparation
C.3.18 Overcoating Bill Corbett, KTA-Tator Inc. Review/revise SSPC-TU 3, Overcoating  Draft #1 ballot opens August 8, due September 11, 2016
C.3.5, QP 1 Revision Brad Wilder, Intech Contracting Review/update SSPC-QP 1  Revised draft in preparation
C.4.1 Maintenance Painting Bobby Meade, GPI Revision SSPC-PA 5, Guide to Maintenance Coating of Steel Structures in Atmospheric Service  Draft #1 ballot completed, revised draft in preparation
C.5.1 Revision of Guide 12 Michael Kralik, Western Technologies Review/revise Guide 12, Illumination of Industrial Painting Projects  Preparing draft for Board of Governors final review
C.5.3.D QP 2 Revision Greg Roby, Maryland State Highway Admin. Review/revise QP 2, Standard Procedure for the Qualification of Painting Contractors (Field Removal of Hazardous Coatings from Industrial and Marine Steel Structures)  Preliminary draft in preparation
C.5.5 Platform Design Scott Silberman  SMS Associates Develop guide to platform design Preliminary draft in preparation
C.7.3,Surface Preparation of Concrete Sam Scaturro Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Develop standard for surface preparation of Concrete by Abrasive blast cleaning - Bare Substrate Preliminary draft in preparation
C.7.5, Texture of Concrete Coatings Tom Murphy, VP LLC Develop standard for classification of concrete coating textures Preparing for first ballot, expected August 2016
C.7.6, Revision of SSPC-PA 7 Richard Pepin, US Bureau of Reclamation Revision of standard for applying thin film coatings on concrete Preliminary draft in preparation
C.7.7 Revision of SSPC-SP 13/NACE No. 6 Bill Jenkins, AkzoNobel Revise existing standard for surface preparation of concrete First ballot completed, negative resolution in progress
C.7.8, Revision of SSPC-TR 5, NACE 02203/ICRI Guideline 710.D Tom Murphy, VP LLC Revise technical report on Design, Installation and Maintenance of Polymer Flooring Systems for Concrete  preliminary draft in preparation
C.8.1 Commercial Cleaning & Painting Kevin Brown, KTA-Tator Develop Guide for Assessment of Pinholes Draft #2  ballot completed, negative resolution in progress
    Develop Guide for Detection of Moisture in Walls and Ceilings Draft #3 ballot completed, negative resolution  in progress
C.8.4 Commercial Air Barrier Kevin Knight, Retro-Spec  Develop Guide for Fluid Applied Air Barrier Coatings for Concrete Masonry Units  Draft #1 ballot completed, negative resolution in progress
C.8.2, Commercial Coating Materials Steven Reinstadtler, Covestro Develop standard for fire-retardant coatings Proposal in preparation for SRC approval
C.8.5 Commercial Contractor Qualification Jeff Theo, Vulcan Painters Develop Standard Procedure for qualification of Commercial Contractors Preliminary draft in preparation
C.1.14 Thermal Spray/TG 146/AWS C.2.2 Bill Medford, InSpec Revisions to CS 23.00, Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc, and Their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel Preparing for Board of Governors  final review
C.7.7/NACE TG 417 Bill Jenkins, International/Akzo Nobel Review/reviseSP 13/NACE No. 6, Surface Preparation of Concrete Draft #1 ballot completed, chair preparing responses to comments
C.3.13/TG 009 PA 6 Revision Surojit Mukherjee, International/Akzo Nobel Review/revise PA 6/NACE No. 10, Application of FRP Coatings to Exteriors of Steel Storage Tanks Draft #1 ballot complete, negatives being addressed.