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Technical Committee Project Status

Updated November 5, 2018

Contact Aimée Beggs (beggs@sspc.org) 412-288-6042 to obtain copies of drafts in ballot or to join a committee.



C.1.1 Zinc Rich CoatingsKristin Leonard, Bechtel CorporationReview/Revise PS 12.00, Guide to Zinc-Rich CoatingsPreliminary draft in preparation
C.1.1 Zinc Rich CoatingsKristin Leonard, Bechtel CorporationReview/revise PS 12.01 Revision, One-Coat Zinc Rich Coating SystemPreliminary draft in preparation
C.1.1 Zinc Rich CoatingsKristin Leonard, Bechtel CorporationReview/revise Paint 20 Revision, Zinc-Rich Coatings, Type I – Inorganic, and Type II – OrganicDraft #2 ballot has closed, comment response in preparation
C.1.1 Zinc Rich CoatingsKristin Leonard, Bechtel CorporationReview/revise Paint 30, Weld-Through Inorganic Zinc PrimersPreliminary draft in preparation
C.1.1 Zinc Rich CoatingsKristin Leonard, Bechtel CorporationReview/revise Paint 29, Zinc Dust Sacrificial Primer, Performance-BasedPreliminary draft in preparation
C.1.3.C, Epoxy Polyamide CoatingsBobbi Jo Merten, US Bureau of ReclamationRevise SSPC Paint 42, Epoxy Polyamine/Polyamidoamine Primer, Performance-basedPreparing for Board of Governors Review
C.1.3.D Polyurethane CoatingsMichael J. MascialeReview/revise Paint 40, Moisture-Cure Polyurethane Zinc-Rich PrimerDraft revision in preparation
C.1.5.F, Prevention of Corrosion Under InsulationArt MacKinnon, PPG IndustriesDevelop standard for inspection and repair of coatings under insulationPreliminary draft available for review and comment
C.1.7 Powder CoatingsKeivan Hassan, AltaVista SolutionsDevelop Powder Coating Selection GuideComment resolution in progress
C.1.8 Fluoropolymer CoatingsBob Parker, AGC ChemicalsDevelop performance-based standard for fluoropolymer coating materialPreliminary draft in preparation
C.1.13, Wastewater CoatingsBob Murphy, Sherwin-WilliamsRevise SSPC-Paint 44 into Guide documentDraft #1 ballot closed May 13, 2018, negative resolution in progress
C.1.15, Revision of Guide 14Bernardo Duran, AZZ GalvanizingReview/revise Guide 14, Protection of Damaged Galvanizing or Inorganic Zinc Coatings with Organic Zinc-Rich CoatingsDraft #1 ballot has closed, comment resolution in progress

Surface Preparation
C.2.3 Power Tool CleaningJeff Theo, Vulcan CoatingsReview and update SSPC-SP 11 and SSPC-SP 15Board of Governors has approved for publication, expected before January 1, 2018
C.2.8, Revision of SSPC-SP 16Pete Ault, Elzly TechnologiesReview and update SSPC-SP 16Draft revision in preparation
C.2.11,Compliance with Surface Profile RequirementsDavid Beamish, DeFelsko CorporationDraft #1 revision ballot completed April 2018Comment resolution in progress
C.2.12 Location and Number of Soluble Salt Test Measurements on Steel SurfacesPatrick Nau, Bechtel Corp.Develop Procedure for Determining Compliance with Permissible Soluble Salt LevelsBoard of Governors conducting final review
C.2.14, DehumidificationRuss Brown, Polygon GroupDevelop Guide for Specifying and Implementing Dehumidification on Protective Coatings ProjectsDraft #1 ballot closed. Negative resolution in progress.
C.2.20, Thorough Blast Cleaning of Non-Ferrous MetalsPete Ault, Elzly TechnologiesDraft in development, April 2018

Application, Inspection, QC
C.3.2, Revision of SSPC-PA 2William Corbett, KTA-Tator, Inc.Draft #1 of 2017 revision balloted March 2018 Ballot has closed, negative resolution in progress
C.3.17, Revision SSPC-QP 6William Medford, InSpecReview/revise QP 6, Qualification of Thermal Spray Contractors Draft #1 ballot expected late April 2018.
C.3.5, QP 1 RevisionBrad Wilder, Intech ContractingReview/update SSPC-QP 12018 revision in review by SSPC Standards Review Committee

Methods for Improved Performance

Environmental, Health and Safety
C.5.1, TU 8 (Revision)Ahren Olson, CovestroReview/revise SSPC-TU 8, The Use of Isocyanate-Containing Paints as Industrial Maintenance CoatingsDraft #2 ballot due June 10, 2018
C.5.3.D QP 2 RevisionGreg Roby, Maryland State Highway Admin.Review/revise QP 2, Standard Procedure for the Qualification of Painting Contractors (Field Removal of Hazardous Coatings from Industrial and Marine Steel Structures)Chair preparing Draft #2 for ballot
C.5.5 Platform DesignScott Silberman, SMS AssociatesDevelop guide to platform designPreliminary draft in preparation
C.5.6, Guide 17 and PA Guide 10 RevisionChris Peightal, KTA-Tator, Inc.Review and updateInformal review and comment completed, chair reviewing comments

Protection of Cementitious Substrates
C.7.3,Surface Preparation of ConcreteSam Scaturro Alpine Painting and SandblastingDevelop standard for surface preparation of Concrete by Abrasive blast cleaning - Bare SubstrateDraft #1 of three levels of cleaning balloted November 21, closed January 5, 2018, comment resolution in progress
C.7.5, Texture of Concrete CoatingsTom Murphy, VP Marketing, LLCDevelop standard for classification of concrete coating texturesApproved for publication
C.7.8, Revision of SSPC-TR 5, NACE 02203/ICRI Guideline 710.DTom Murphy, VP Marketing, LLCRevise technical report on Design, Installation and Maintenance of Polymer Flooring Systems for ConcreteDraft #2 ballot expected November 14, 2018
C.7.9 Selection of Coating Systems for ConcreteTom Murphy, VP Marketing, LLCDevelop guide for selecting coating systems for concrete floorsDraft in preparation, ballot expected late November 2018

Commercial Coatings
C.8.1 Commercial Cleaning & PaintingKevin Brown, KTA-TatorDevelop Guide for Assessment of PinholesSRC has approved for Board of Governors review
C.8.3, Commercial Floor CoatingsFred Goodwin, BASFDevelop Guide for Evaluating Moisture in Concrete FloorsDraft #2 ballot issued 12/12/17, due 1/14/18
C.8.4 Commercial Air BarrierKevin Knight, Retro-Spec Develop Guide for Fluid Applied Air Barrier Coatings for Concrete Masonry Units Draft #1 ballot completed, negative resolution in progress
C.8.5 Commercial Contractor QualificationJeff Theo, Vulcan PaintersDevelop Standard Procedure for Qualification of Commercial Coating Application SpecialistsDraft in preparation

Joint Standards Development Projects
Tri-Society Committee on Thermal Spray Coatings (AWS/NACE/SSPC)Heather Gilmer, HRV Conformance VerificationRevision of AWS C2.23M/ NACE No. 12 Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc, and Their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of SteelDraft in preparation as candidate American National Standard
TG.006, Dry Blast Cleaning StandardsKenneth Trimber, KTA-Tator, Inc.Revision of Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning StandardsRevised draft in preparation.
TG 323, Revision of SSPC-TR 2/ NACE 6G98 Lydia Frenzel, The Advisory CouncilReview/revise SSPC-TR 2/NACE 6G98 Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Report)Revised draft in preparation.
C.7.7/NACE TG 417Bill Jenkins, International/Akzo NobelReview/revise SP 13/NACE No. 6, Surface Preparation of ConcreteSSPC Board of Governors has approved for publication
C.3.13/TG 009 PA 6 RevisionTBDReview/revise PA 6/NACE No. 10, Application of FRP Coatings to Exteriors of Steel Storage TanksDraft #1 ballot complete, negatives being addressed.



For more information about current projects: Please contact Aimée Beggs at beggs@sspc.org.