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Basics of Concrete Surface Preparation eCourse

Level: Basic
Duration: 8-Hours, Includes Course Exam
Class Times: N/A
Cost: Member $195, Non-Member $295, Flex Points 3
0.8 CEUs
Certification Term: N/A

Written Exam Retake Fee: $100 member; $200 non-member

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Course Description

This course defines surface preparation for concrete through a brief review of the steps involved. It then provides an overview of the methods and the standards referenced when preparing concrete for installation of the coating/surfacing.

Course Content

  • Why is Concrete Coated?
  • Concrete Condition Assessment
  • Concrete Repair Before Surface Preparation
  • Concrete Surface Preparation Standards
  • Blast Cleaning/Shot Blasting
  • Water Cleaning/Jetting Acid Etching and Flame Cleaning
  • Scarification/Power Tools

Benefits of Completing This eCourse

After completing this brief course, you'll recognize the basic steps in the concrete surface preparation process and what needs to be done before coating a concrete substrate.

Course Format

SSPC's Basics of Concrete Surface Preparation eCourse features 8 units as a series of web pages that students can access whenever it is convenient to them. After completing the 10-question exam online, students receive their final grade immediately.

How Often are the eCourses Offered?

SSPC eCourses start on the 15th of each month throughout the year. Students can work at their own pace over the 20-week period to complete the units. The actual time to complete the short course is 5 hours, but you have 20 weeks to complete the eight hours of material. The final exam is also completed online.

Who Should Attend

Anyone unfamiliar with concrete surface preparation work who wants to learn more about the techniques and terminology used.

To learn more about surface preparation of concrete, SSPC's Concrete Floor Coating Basics and Concrete Coating Basics are highly recommended. SSPC's Concrete Coating Inspector Program (CCI) is a more advanced course of study. In addition, many of the topics covered here and further information about protective coatings in general are addressed in more detail in SSPC's C1 Fundamentals of Protective Coatings for Industrial Structures, which is also available as an e-course as well as an in-person program.

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