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SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Certification Program

About CAS

The SSPC Coating Application Specialist Certification Program is designed to certify those individual craft workers who have experience and training in all aspects of hands-on surface preparation and coating application of complex industrial and marine structures, according to the requirements of the SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Program. This certification program also meets the requirements of ISO 17024. Facility owners, contractors, or certifying agencies may use this program for certification of Application Specialists for other substrates or conditions, as considered appropriate.

Program Options

Language Options

The SSPC CAS Interim Written Exam is now available in SPANISH, GREEK, TURKISH and PORTUGUESE! Each candidate must note on the prerequisite form that they require the CAS Written Exam in another language.


Note 1: SSPC offers the option to obtain a C-7 / C-12 equivalent certificate for members holding an active Level 2 CAS. These certificates can be helpful for projects requiring or specifying C-7 or C-12 certifications of employees. The equivalency certificates are issued in a project specific manner, for example if an employee has an active CAS and is on a job running from 12/31/16 until 6/25/17 he is able to submit this information to SSPC who can grant him a certificate for this timeframe. At the end of the job date 6/25/17 the certificate expires and must be renewed if the project is not finished.

Note 2: The purpose of this equivalency certificate is to allow workers with CAS certification to show their competence in areas covered in the C-7 and C-12 course on a short-term basis while not requiring the C-7 or C-12 course itself.

Note 3: A craft-worker that is SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS Level II) Certified is considered to have met and exceeded the qualifications of an individual who is SSPC C7 or SSPC C12 Certified or both.

Note 4: Candidates who took their C7 and C12 hands on exam after January 1, 2012 may substitute their C7 and C12 hands on exam results for the CAS Level II hands on blaster and sprayer exam, if they have achieved a score of 90% or greater on each exam.

Note 5: At this time the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) does not accept CAS as an equivalent to C7 or C12.

Note 6: Candidates who took their C7 and C12 hands on exam before January 1, 2012 and scored a 90% can still substitute their hands on exam results for the CAS hands on exam. But the candidates would have to retake the CAS hands on exam at their three year re-certification date.

To request the application form, please contact:

Troy Eisenhauer
Phone: (877) 281-7772 ext 2215
Email: eisenhauer@sspc.org

About the Interim Status Certification Program

The "Interim Certification Program," SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS) allows those in the current workforce the opportunity to realistically achieve certification during the next several years. It focuses directly on the needs of the Application Specialist and provides criteria for the education, training, experience, knowledge, and motor skills required to prepare and apply protective coatings to steel and concrete surfaces of complex industrial and marine structures.

SSPC offers two tracks to achieve "interim" certification under the SSPC CAS Program.

*Equivalent formal training must be accepted by SSPC prior to determining eligibility to take the certification exam.

About the Full Status Certification Program

Due to the make up of the current workforce and available training opportunities, SSPC strongly believes that owners should specify SSPC "Interim Status" painter certification during the next several years (in lieu of full status certification), while the industry gets up to speed with the new requirements. Click here for SSPC's position statement.

SSPC will still offer "full status" certification to SSPC ACS-1/NACE 13 under the CAS program for those who request it and qualify. Click here for CAS Full Application Form.

DoD Funded Training

Under the DoD Corrosion Prevention and Control Program, funding has been provided to train DoD, Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel in this course. For more information on how to take advantage of attending this course for free, click here.

Approved CAS Licensees

SSPC Training Courses are available through the following SSPC licensed training providers.