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Prerequisites Coating Application Specialist - Level 2 Certification Program (CAS) (Interim Status)


SSPC offers two processes to achieve "interim" certification under the SSPC CAS Program:

 Prerequisite Item #1Prerequisite Item #2
 Related Work ExperienceTraining Experience
Process AMinimum 2,000 hrs (equivalent to 2 years work experience)CAS hours of accepted formal training
Process BMinimum 3,000 hrs (equivalent to 3 years work experience)N/A

Related work experience is defined as work as an abrasive blaster and spray painter in an industrial or marine environment. Eligibility is subject to verification by SSPC.

The following information must be included on your pre-requisite form:

  • Type(s) of blasting and painting work performed
  • Type(s) of surface preparation equipment used
  • Type(s) of coatings applied
  • Type(s) of structures worked on

Please note: Supervisory experience is not sufficient.

The following item must be submitted to SSPC no later than two weeks before the scheduled course:

Send to:

SSPC Training Coordinator
800 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-4365

Phone: 412-281-2331 x2241
Fax: 412-444-3593
Email: prereqs@sspc.org

Please note: In order to be eligible for CAS Program, the pre-requisite form must be completed and signed by your HR Manager and given to SSPC two weeks prior to the course start date. Failure to fill out the form truthfully, or any instance of providing inaccurate information, will result in immediate denial or revocation of the CAS Certification. Failure to cooperate with the program instructors, or properly prepare for the hands-on Certification session, will also be grounds for denial of Certification.