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Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI) Certification Term and Renewal

In order to assure that inspectors are keeping abreast of new regulations and technology, inspectors will have to take an open book refresher exam online. The exam will be based on information updates that have been posted on the SSPC CCI website. All recertification candidates must take the refresher exam online and pass with minimum score of 85%.

CCI Certified Inspector status may be maintained for a period of four years.

Purchase the CCI Recertification Exam online in the SSPC MarketPlace.

Inspectors are required to:

  1. Complete and submit to SSPC a Renewal Packet every four years from their certification date. Renewal reminders are mailed to the last known address 6 months prior to the recertification date. The reminder includes the renewal forms with information to process a renewal.

  2. Download & Submit Forms:
    Recertification Application
    Work Experience form

  3. Periodically visit the CCI website to review the regulations and technology updates that are posted.

  4. Submit Recert forms to Register and take the certification refresher exam before the expiration date of your certification.

Note: Once your renewal packet is received by SSPC, you will receive a User ID and Password via email. You will use this information to access and take the online exam. The recertification exam is intended to be completed "open book" using electronic PDF files of the units found in the student manual. The pdf files will be provided online along with the exam.

Administrative Notes

CCI Recertification Fees:

  • $250.00 CCI Recertification Online at Member Rate
  • $450.00 CCI Recertification Online at Non-Member Rate
  • $450.00 CCI Recertification Exam Package (hard copy) mailed

  1. Candidate is responsible for sending SSPC updated address information.
  2. If we get no response to the initial renewal letter sent out, a final notice is sent 3 months later.
  3. If we still get no response by their certification expiration date, these individuals’ certifications expire and they must re-take the CCI Course and Certification Exam to become certified again.
  4. If mail is returned as undeliverable, the CCI candidates record is coded with a bad address.

Disciplinary Action Criteria

Click here to download the Disciplinary Action Criteria.

The program also employs a Disciplinary Action Criteria (DAC) and administrative procedures establishing rules for:

  • issuing warnings to inspectors;
  • placing inspectors on probation;
  • suspending, revoking, or denying certification of inspectors who are cited for critical faults in safety, workmanship, ethical practice, and criminal law, that have been reported and verified.