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Level: Intermediate
Duration: 1 Day / 8 Hours
Includes: Online Course & 1 Hour Written Exam
Class Times: n/a

Fireproofing Inspector Training eCourse:
Member Price: $500, NonMember Price: $700

Fireproofing Inspector Certification Exam:
Member Price: $300, Non-Member Price: $500

Credits: 0.8 CEUs
Certification Term: 4 Years
Prerequisites: Yes

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Fireproofing Inspector Training eCourse:

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Fireproofing Inspector Certification Exam:

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This course can be taken as training or as certification. To get certified, all candidates must hold a recognized coating inspection certificate and have a strong understanding of surface preparation, anti-corrosion coatings and the use of a variety of inspection tools. For access to the course and to take an in-person exam, the candidate must have a minimum of a Coating/Painting certification (Example: SSPC PCI Level 1, SSPC BCI Level 1, SSPC NBPI, SSPC CCI Level 1, NACE CIP Level 1, ICORR Level 1, Frosio Level 1). If you do not hold this credential you can take the online course and online quizzes and receive a certificate of training.

Course Description

The online Fireproofing Inspector Course provides coatings inspectors with fundamental knowledge for the inspection of passive fire protection projects. The course will focus on the inspection tasks associated with thick film and thin film intumescent coatings as well as other forms of fire protection.

Course Content

  • Thick Film Intumescent Coatings
  • Overview of Passive Fire Protection
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Safety and the Fire Proofing Inspector
  • Fireproofing Inspectors Duties
  • Principles of Passive Fire Protection
  • Conditional Surveys and Maintenance
  • Thin Film Intumescent Coatings
  • Characteristics and Quantity Requirement
  • Documentation, Training and Application
  • Dry Film Thickness
  • Other Forms of Fire Protection

Benefits of Attending

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe different types of fires and fire protection.
  • Explain how thick film and thin film intumescent coatings work.
  • Define the role of the fireproofing inspector in regard to quality assurance and quality control.
  • Recognize health and safety considerations for fireproofing projects.
  • Recognize essential documents associated with the inspection of fireproofing projects.
  • Explain the surface preparation and coating application processes for thick film and thin film intumescent coatings.
  • Describe the products and equipment needed for surface preparation and coating application.
  • Outline how to conduct and compile fireproofing survey reports.
  • Identify factors that influence the required wet and dry film thicknesses of intumescent coatings.
  • Recognize common application defects.
  • Identify other forms of fire protection materials in addition to intumescent coatings.
  • Inspect surface preparation and coating application for fireproofing projects.

Course Format

This course is taken online and consists of three core modules: Thick Film Intumescent Coatings, Thin Film Intumescent Coatings, and Other Forms of Fire Protection. Each module is supplemented by quizzes. The course features units as a series of web pages that students can access whenever it is convenient to them. Students must take the written exam in person. Contact SSPC to set up the exam. The written exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. To receive a certificate and CEUs, you must attend all 8 hours of the course and attain a 70% or better score on the exam.

Who Should Attend

Coatings project managers, quality managers, inspectors, contractor supervisory level personnel, coating specification writers or coatings or equipment suppliers, coating consultants, or technical service representatives involved in the steel protective coatings industry.

Written Exam Retake Fee: $100 member; $200 non-member

To contact SSPC or schedule a retake exam, please click here.

General eCourse Information

SSPC eCourses are perfect for those students who are unable to attend a regular public offering. SSPC online training courses are available on-demand. In other words, learners can sign up whenever they are ready and their online training will be available upon enrollment. Learners can work at their own pace to complete each component of their online training.

What do you get?

  • 24-7 access to some of the best coatings training materials in the world
  • Over 11 training units with nearly 305 instructional slides in total
  • Slides contain Videos, Animations, Diagrams, Photographs and Voice-over
  • Every unit has printable documentation and training notes
  • Video Guides, Tools, Calculations and Conversions


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