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Master Coatings Inspector Program (MCI)


In 2005 SSPC created its first inspection certification program with the release of the unique and one-of-a-kind Concrete Coatings Inspector (CCI) program, which was developed to fill a gaping need identified by our members who apply coatings to concrete surfaces. That was followed in 2006 by the release of the Bridge Coatings Inspector (BCI) program, which was designed to help owners in their quest to put the ultimately qualified bridge inspector on the job site. Then, in 2007, SSPC released the Protective Coatings Inspector (PCI) program to answer the industry’s need for a comprehensive, challenging, and efficient course that would minimize the professional’s time away from the job site, but maximize the knowledge gained in the classroom. Those three courses, combined with the SSPC-administered NAVSEA Basic Paint Inspector course (NBPI), form the nucleus of the SSPC Coatings Inspector curriculum.

In 2009, SSPC announced that coatings professionals who reach a certain level of certification could apply for special recognition via the new SSPC Master Coatings Inspector (MCI) program. Effective May 1, 2014 the requirement for the MCI is for a current CCI plus two of the following current certifications: PCS, PCI, BCI or NBPI.

As SSPC becomes a more global organization, we realized that our international members are at a disadvantage to achieving the MCI because the NBPI certification program is not available to them. We believe that the individuals who have met the stringent educational and experience requirements of the PCS, in addition to the other inspection program requirements, also deserve the MCI designation.

The Goal

The goal of the Master Coatings Inspector program is solely to recognize and honor those individuals whose experience and training has afforded them the prestige of multiple inspector certifications. SSPC recognizes that it takes tremendous personal commitment and dedication to the industry to maintain professional qualifications and that task in and of itself is why so many of those people are so widely respected.

If you are one of these highly trained and experienced individuals, SSPC would feel privileged to have you apply for Master Coatings Inspector recognition. There is no cost to you to file the application or maintain the recognition. All you need to do to qualify is hold a current certification for the CCI and any two of the following programs: PCI, BCI, NBPI, or PCS.

If you qualify and meet the criteria, you will be issued a certificate with a unique Master Coatings Inspector number as well as a special pin recognizing your achievement. You will be recognized in the JPCL and other industry publications via a special press release issued on your behalf. The best thing is that once you are a Master Coatings Inspector, you will always be a Master Coatings Inspector. As long as you file your annual renewal and maintain your individual certifications, SSPC will keep you on the Active list of MCIs. Otherwise, you will go on the Inactive list. However, you will still be considered a Master Coatings Inspector.

Why should I apply for the MCI?

We believe that you should be proud of your training and experience and make your colleagues aware of it. The MCI program places you in a unique category that not many people achieve.

Click here to download the MCI Application

Will SSPC accept other inspector certifications as qualification for the MCI?

No. At this time, we are only recognizing those people that are certified through SSPC-administered programs. However, each SSPC inspector certification program contains criteria that will enable those certified by other organizations to bypass certain of the SSPC program requirements.

Is there really no cost to do this?

No. You already pay to maintain your individual certifications, you don’t need to pay for this.

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