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Requirements for the Organization Hosting the MPCAC Certification Qualification Session

Classroom Facility

The candidate's employer or host facility is required to furnish classroom facilities for the classroom portion of the certification process. Minimum classroom requirements are: Room set classroom style, 2 students per 6 ft. table.

Hands-on Skills Assessment Facilities

It is the responsibility of the candidate's employer or host facility to provide and ensure that there are adequate facilities, equipment and material for the hands-on demonstration. At a minimum, the host facility or sponsoring employer must provide:

A. Plural component spray pump that is in proper and safe working order prior to and during the certification session.

B. Qualified pump operator certified in writing by the spray pump equipment manufacturer as competent to operate the pump.

C. 2K 100% solids coating materials to be used for spraying; one steel test specimen constructed in accordance with ASTM 4228 or equivalent steel surface for each candidate qualifying for Spray Painter Qualification.

D. Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all candidates qualifying for certification. (Refer to: Applicable OSHA or equivalent regulations and MSDS.)

E. An area where spraying and solvent disposal can be done in conformance with all applicable local regulations.

The Hands-on Facility Requirements Form must be filled out and emailed to Jennifer merck at merck@sspc.org or faxed to her at 412-281-9993 before the qualification session.

Failure to meet the facility hands-on assessment requirements will result in disqualification of all participants. The host facility or sponsoring employer will still be responsible for all instructor and classroom expenses, regardless of whether students are disqualified because the hands-on or classroom facilities or other SSPC requirements do not meet SSPC specifications.

**It is each candidate's employer's responsibility to make sure all of his or her candidates have submitted a completed Application/Experience Form. If SSPC does not receive this form (10) business days prior to your course date, the candidate will not be able to participate in the qualification session**