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Prerequisites for Marine Plural Component Program (MPCAC)

Prior to enrollment in the MPCAC/C14 program, you must provide information showing that you meet the minimum requirements. If SSPC is unable to verify the accuracy of any information reported on this form, it may result in rejection of your application.

In order to qualify for the MPCAC/C14 program you must successfully complete a minimum of 2 days (16 hours) of documented training by one of the following:

  • An instructor certified by the plural component pump equipment manufacturer
  • An instructor certified as a qualified trainer by your employer

The documented training must address, at minimum, proper and safe operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the plural component spray pump you are being qualified on. The training must include a hands-on component where the student starts, operates and shuts down the equipment.

Candidates for the MPCAC/C14 program must submit a signed letter from the instructor of the training, on letterhead, stating that they were a student in the training class. The date of the class and the location must be included in the letter. Candidates must also submit a copy of the training manual provided. Please note: SSPC must accept the equipment training in order for the candidate to be eligible for the MPCAC/C14 program.

Candidate must have the following experience to qualify for certification:

  • Equipment Operator: 400 hours experience operating a plural component spray pump.
  • Spray Painter: 800 hours applying protective coatings with airless spray in an industrial or marine environment.
  • Spray Painter & Equipment Operator: 800 hours applying protective coatings with airless spray in an industrial or marine environment and 400 hours operating a plural component spray unit.

The following items must be submitted to SSPC no later than two weeks before the scheduled course:

Send to:
SSPC Training Coordinator
800 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-4365
Phone: 412-281-2331 x2204
Fax: 412-444-3591
Email: prereqs@sspc.org

Please note: In order to be eligible for C7 Certification Program, the pre-requisite form must be completed and signed by your HR Manager and given to SSPC two weeks prior to the course start date. Failure to fill out the form truthfully, or any instance of providing inaccurate information, will result in immediate denial or revocation of the C7 Certification. Failure to cooperate with the program instructors, or properly prepare for the hands-on Certification session, will also be grounds for denial of Certification.

What happens to students that do not meet the prerequisites?

  • The student without the required amount of hours is allowed to take the MPCAC C14 Training and exams.
  • The student would be sent a letter after the training stating that they took 16 hours of training.
  • If the student without the experience passed the MPCAC C14 test, they would be allowed to submit a new experience form in the future (i.e., after they get the required hours of experience). This new experience form must be submitted within 1 year of the class date.
  • Once we receive this letter they would then take a MPCAC C14 online written exam. If they pass the exam with an 85% they would then be issued a wallet card from the date the exam was graded. The fee to take the exam is $250 for SSPC Members and $350 for non-members.
  • Before a student has the MPCAC C14 Certification, if they simply completed the training, they would not be considered certified, but would be allowed to work under supervision of an individual with a MPCAC C14 certification to gain the required experience.
  • If they take the MPCAC C14 Training and fails the exam, they would have to re-take the class.