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Prerequisites PCI Level 3 Certification

Prior to attending the PCI Level 3 program, all individuals must provide adequate information showing that they meet the minimum requirements as set forth in this form. If SSPC is unable to verify the accuracy of any information reported on this form, it may result in the rejection of your application.

To become an SSPC Level 3 certified coatings inspector, you must pass the Level 3 Certification Exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Work Experience

Training Experience

Process A-3

(Must pass the PCI L1 & L2 Exams)

3 years or 4,500 hours of coatings inspection experience

PCI Course + 40 hours of approved coatings training

Process B-3

(Must pass the PCI L1 & L2 Exams)

5 years or 7,500 hours of coatings inspection experience


Send to:
SSPC Training Coordinator
800 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-4365
Phone: 412-281-2331 x2204
Fax: 412-444-3593
Email: prereqs@sspc.org

Download and retain the following form for your records:



For more information contact customerservice@sspc.org