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PCS Application Instructions

Please read the instructions for each section of the application before completing it. All entries must be typed or printed in English.

Section A - Personal

  • Print your name as you would like it to appear on your certificate and other information about the program
  • List your complete business address
  • If you would like to receive correspondence about the program at another address, please list it

Section B - Demographic

  • Indicate your employer's main business activity (or yours, if self-employed).
  • Indicate your main function.
  • Indicate where you first heard about the program.

Section C - Membership Status

Indicate whether you are an SSPC member, if so, include your membership number and expiration date.

Section D - Education History

Fill in all that apply.

Section E - Coatings-Related Training

List any university, college, or professional organization where training programs, seminars, and symposia have been completed, and you wish to be considered as part of the training requirement for this program. Attach copies of certificate(s) or other proof of successful completion to the application.

Section F - Work Experience

Work experience is deemed acceptable only if it relates directly to the use of protective coatings for corrosion control. Such experience may include industrial coatings manufacture, sales (including technical support); preparation of specifications; coatings application; coatings inspection and field quality control; coatings-related safety; coatings-related environmental compliance; and project management.

Applicants must demonstrate competence in the following areas: evaluation of coating system performance, selection of coating systems, preparation of coating specifications, coating failure analysis, evaluation of shop and field application procedures, and development of painting contracts.

This section is to be completed in reverse chronological order, starting with your current position. You may duplicate as many copies of the Work Experience page as are necessary for full documentation of your work history. Only substantial employment is acceptable. (Substantial employment is defined as full-time employment that consists of at least 75% coatings work, or employment at least 75% of the year in a position that is 100% coatings work.)

Although you may attach your resume as a supplement, resumes may not be substituted for this section of the application.

Describe your work experience thoroughly, including responsibilities.

Section G - Professional References

Provide a copy of the Professional Reference Form to each of the 3 individuals you have listed as a reference. These reference forms must be completed by three separate individuals who can attest to the candidate's technical and managerial competence in protective coatings. These References must be completed by the candidates supervisor, a client, and a professional peer. Candidates who are self-employed can submit an additional client reference in place of a reference from a supervisor. Completed references should be submitted with your application. Please urge your references to submit the reference form to SSPC in the same time frame as your application is submitted.

Failure to provide SSPC with these references could result in delaying your application process.

For an applicant employed by a facility owner (such as a state highway department, power company, paper mill, or other coatings end user), a client can be an individual in a department of the organization for whom the applicant has furnished coatings-related technical services.

Section H - Application Fee

Please indicate method of payment. SSPC accepts check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Application fees must accompany application and are nonrefundable.

Section I - Exam Date and Location

Please indicate your choice of exam date and location.

Section J - Attestation

Please sign and date. Altered or unsigned applications will not be processed.