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PCS Embosser and Stamp Program

A) Eligibility
1. Every PCS Certified Individual whose certification is current is eligible to enroll for the PCS Embosser, or PCS Stamp. “Eligible” shall mean that the individual has provided SSPC with the appropriate paperwork to maintain their certification, have paid their PCS fees and have completed and returned the agreement document to SSPC along with necessary fees. To request the Agreement Document, send email to Silvia Palmieri, palmieri@sspc.org

PCS Embosser & PCS Stamp Agreement Form : Click Here

B) Fees
1. PCS individuals who wish to enroll in the program will be charged the one-time fee, to have the Embosser or Self-Inking Stamp customized. (Shipping/handling may be applicable)
2. If you lose your Embosser or Stamp, you will be charged the fee to have the item re-created as a replacement.
*Embosser fee is $165.00. * 2" Self-Inking Stamp (self-inking) is $95.00. **Fees may change. Call or email to confirm current rate.

C) Registration of PCS Signature
1. The official signature (on the agreement document) of each individual requesting the Embosser or Stamp shall be on file at SSPC prior to use.

D) Using the PCS Embosser or PCS Stamp
1. Each individual enrolled in this program shall be provided with an official PCS Embosser or PCS Self-Inking Stamp, to authenticate the documents on which it is used.
2. Use of the Embosser or Stamp is limited to a PCS Certified individuals' review and approval of documents.
3. Each time the Embosser is used; the PCS Certified must also use the "signature stamp" provided by SSPC with their expiration date. The self-inking Stamp does not require the addition of the "signature stamp", however you must accompany the Stamp with your signature and current certification expiration date.
4. In order to reduce the risk of unauthorized duplication of the Embosser or Stamp, only the Embosser or Stamp provided to you by SSPC can be used.

E) Log Book
1. Each individual shall keep an accurate register of all documents on which the PCS Embosser or PCS Stamp is used, in any appropriate logbook. The log shall contain the date on which the Embosser or Stamp was affixed, the name or title of the document on which the Embosser or Stamp was used, the date of the document, and the reason for using the PCS stamp (review and/or approval).
2. If SSPC is contacted to verify the validity of an Embosser or Stamp used on a document, SSPC may request a copy of your log.
3. It is your responsibility to maintain the log. If a log is not maintained and SSPC is contacted to verify the validity of an Embosser or Stamp, your Embosser or Stamp may be revoked.

F) Limitations of Use
1. No individual may assign use of the Embosser or Stamp to any other person.
2. Any unauthorized use of the Embosser or Stamp is at the risk of the PCS individuals’ certification and will jeopardize their certification if used improperly.

G) Surrender of Embosser or Stamp
1. Should a PCS individual not renew their certification or become de-certified for any reason, they shall return their Embosser or Stamp to the office of SSPC within 30 days.
2. If a PCS Embosser or Stamp is forfeited, there is no fee refund.

H) Liability
1. SSPC assumes no liability or risk concerning the individual use of the Embosser or Stamp. PCS Certified individuals should consider obtaining an individual policy for Errors or Omissions from their insurance carrier to cover any potential liability pertaining to the documents on which they affix their Embosser or Stamp. Please take this opportunity to provide SSPC with a summary of your liability insurance information (carrier, policy number, date effective, etc.)

Certification Status

Want to verify the Certification status of an individual? Go to SSPC.org and use the certification search engine or contact Silvia Palmieri at palmieri@sspc.org to assist in the verification of an individual's certification status.

Updates for individuals contact information should be sent to Silvia Palmieri.