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PCS Program & Exam Policies

SSPC staff will grade the exams. Candidates will be notified in writing of their pass/fail results within sixty days after the exam date. Passing score for the exam is seventy percent or better.

A candidate has the right to appeal the exam results. The certification panel will resolve any disputes, which arise from the grading of the exams. The results of the panel's review by majority vote of the exam's grade shall be considered final and binding.

The exam is revised periodically. Revisions may affect the format of the exam or the % balance of subject areas covered by the exam.

PCS Emeritus
PCS individuals who are retired from the coating industry may qualify for the status of PCS Emeritus. Contact pcs@sspc.org.

Renewal Policies
Certification is valid for four years, subject to verification of current status as a practicing industrial protective coatings professional. To re-certify for each four-year period, you must comply with the certification renewal policy.

SSPC Protective Coatings Specialists are required to demonstrate significant, continuing involvement in the protective coatings industry. Such involvement is demonstrated through continuing education and professional work experience.

PCS 4th year recertification requires that the Protective Coatings Specialists satisfy the Recertification Process. This is met by accumulating a minimum of 32 Recertification Units (RU) during the four-year term of certification (from issue date to expiration date) by following PCS Recertification Track 1 or PCS Recertification Track 2 . Recertification Units (RU) are defined as continuing employment and involvement in industry events which provide additional coatings training or activities which demonstrate your commitment to keep up-to-date on coatings technology. In order to make it easy for a PCS to track the Recertification Units SSPC has developed a Recertification Spreadsheet to fill out during the 4 year term. Please contact Silvia Palmieri to get the spreadsheet.

Failure to return a completed renewal form, attestation, or pay fees, will result in loss of PCS certification.

Renewal at the Four-Year Term
Renewal notices are mailed to the last known address of each individual at least 90 days before the certification's expiration date. (The certified individual is responsible for updating SSPC of any change in personal or contact information. SSPC cannot be held responsible for de-certifications resulting from incorrect addresses, etc.)

Renewal Application Form: Click here for Application

Recertification will occur at the 4th year renewal of a PCSs certification. SSPC will provide PCSĂ­s reminders about completing the forms via online emails every six months.
Paperwork required at the 4th year renewal:

  1. Attestation that the individual is in compliance with the standards of professional practice and has not been subject to disciplinary action.
  2. Recertification Worksheet.
  3. Fee of $250 (member rate) every four years. Non-member fee is $450.
  4. Submit a photo ID

SSPC will provide a photo wallet card and a certificate upon completion of the 4th year recertification process. If you have any questions on the new recertification process, please contact PCS Certification Administration at 1-877-281-7772 ext 2201 or email at pcs@sspc.org .

Failure to return a completed renewal form, attestation, or pay fees, will result in loss of PCS certification.

Continuing Education Requirement
PCS certification renewal requires that the Protective Coating Specialist satisfy a Recertification Units Requirement. This is met by accumulating a minimum of 32 points during the four-year term of certification (from issue date to expiration date).

Standards of Professional Practice
To maintain the high standard of skills and practice in the protective coatings industry, SSPC Protective Coatings Specialists are required to:

  • Be objective, thorough, and factual in any report or statement pertaining to the protective coatings industry
  • Avoid involvement in any dishonest venture
  • Act in all ways with complete integrity in professional matters
  • Undertake assignments only when qualified by training, experience, and capability.

Disciplinary Action
Documented infractions in professional conduct may result in suspension or revocation of certification.

Disciplinary actions may include issuance of a reprimand, suspension, or revocation of certification for up to one year. Recommendations for disciplinary actions are initiated by the SSPC program administrator, followed by concurrence by a majority of the certification panel or oversight body (such as SSPC Board of Governors).

Decertified individuals are no longer permitted to use the title of Protective Coatings Specialist or their certification ID number. This includes, but not limited to: business cards, letterhead, correspondence, etc. No Exceptions.

The formerly certified individual's name and information will be removed from the SSPC web site. A de-certified individual is not eligible for any benefit of the certification, present or future.

Reinstatement of Certification
An individual, who has been de-certified due to a failure to submit the annual maintenance paperwork and/or fees before the certification expiration, must take the following steps to reinstate:

Reinstatement within 90 days after expiration

  • Pay reinstatement fee in addition to renewal fee

Reinstatement greater than 90 days after expiration, but before end of original 4-year certification term

  • Complete another application and pay reinstatement fee in addition to the renewal fee

Reinstatement after the original 4-year term has expired

  • Reapply as a new applicant, pay all associated fees, and re-take and pass the certification exam.

Requests for reinstatements for individuals de-certified due to other reasons defined in this policy, must be in writing and will be reviewed by the certification panel.

  • A final determination will be made on a case by case basis.