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PCS Track 1

Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS) 4th Year Recertification Process Accumulating 32 Recertification Units (RU)

NOTE: The Recertification process is based on Recertification Units. Recertification Units = Experience Units plus Education Units.

PCS 4th year recertification requires that the Protective Coatings Specialists satisfy the Recertification Process. This is met by accumulating a minimum of 32 Recertification Units (RU) during the four-year term of certification (from issue date to expiration date) by following PCS Recertification Track 1 or PCS Recertification Track 2. Recertification Units (RU) are defined as continuing employment and involvement in industry events which provide additional coatings training or activities which demonstrate your commitment to keep up-to-date on coatings technology.


  • PCS Recertification Track 1: For recertification according to Track 1, a PCS must accumulate both Experience Units (Item I below) & Education Units (items B-1 through B-15) totaling 32 Recertification Units (RU), in a 4 year period. The maximum amount of Experience Units granted within the 4 year period shall be 8 for full time employment in a protective coatings related field. The remainder of required 32 Recertification units shall be made up of Education Units. Please fill in the PCS recertification worksheet and submit to SSPC.
    I) Experience Units:
  • Experience Units are provided at rate of 2 units per year (or 8 units for full time coatings work over a 4-year period). Partial units are granted based on the amount of weeks, months, or years employed in a position dealing with Protective Coatings.
  • II) Education Units (listed below):
  • Are defined as involvement in industry events which provide coating.
  • Read the information below to determine the suitability of your individual coatings training, and/or industry activities for your Education Units. Units are cumulative, and may include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • TYPES OF EDUCATION UNITS (applies to Track 1 and Track 2): B-1 Course Work & Seminars on Industrial Coatings Technology ï (1 hour = 1 unit)
  • Pass any SSPC course.
  • Attend and/or pass Industry relevant courses offered by other organizations such as ACI, FSCT, ICRI, NACE, NPCA.
  • Formal training programs offered by Coatings, Materials and Equipment Manufacturers. Note: Non-SSPC courses (live or online) require SSPC approval for RU purposes. Review and approval require submission of organization name and contact information, course curriculum, instructor name, passing grade, and certificate of completion.
  • B-2 Conference or Chapter Meeting Attendance
  • (1 hour = 1 unit)
  • Any coatings industry conference, or one related to industrial coatings technology (e.g. PACE, NACE, NACE regional meetings, NPCA, NPCA Marine Offshore, Military Corrosion Conferences, MegaRust, Tri-Services, FSCT, Water Jet Technology, etc.) Note: Conference attendance is limited to 6 hours/day of attendance. Review and approval requires submission of the technical program or training schedule (proof of industrial protective coatings relevance), and proof of full conference registration.
  • Local Chapter Meetings, or meetings related to industrial coatings technology. Note: Chapter Meeting Attendance is limited to 2 hours/day and requires the topic of discussion and the signature of a Board Member of the local chapter for proof of attendance. Non-technical Chapter Events such as golf outings are not included.
  • B-3 Attendance at a Coatings Technology Tutorial/Workshop
  • (1 hour = 1 unit)
  • Similar to those presented at SSPC's annual conference. This may include chapter meetings (does not apply to chapter social events such as golf).
  • B-4 Provide Formal Training or Teach a Course or Workshop(Instruct or Present a Class)
  • (1 hour = 2 units)
  • Opportunities are available through SSPC, local Vocational Technical Schools, Unions, and other National Trade Organizations. Note: Training, course or workshop must be related to industrial protective coatings technology.
  • B-5 Speak at an SSPC chapter meeting on Coatings Technology
  • (8 units)
  • Protective coatings presentations made at chapter meetings for other national organizations will also be considered for review. Note: Review requires a copy of the presentation, presentation date, and a chapter/organization contact person with phone # or e-mail address.
  • B-6 Review & ballot a technical committee document
  • (8 units per document)
  • Must be related to coatings technology.
  • Must be timely in response.
  • Multiple reviews of the same document do not add multiple units.
  • Provide documentation if a non-SSPC committee (ASTM, NACE & etc). Note: Abstentions are not valid for points.
  • B-7 Provide technical peer review in development of an SSPC book
  • (4 units per Book Chapter)
  • Other industrial protective coatings related publications are considered for review.
  • B-8 One Paper or one Article on industrial protective coatings technology
  • (12 units)
  • presented at a conference
  • published in a conference proceedings
  • published in a trade magazine, journal, or newsletter. Note: Must be verifiable through the conference's sponsoring organization. Contact the organizations where you are a member and/or magazines you regularly read for schedules and information.
  • B-9 Write a chapter for a published coatings technology book
  • (16 units)
  • Must be accepted for publishing.
  • Submit copy for review and RU approval.
  • B-10 Author a coatings technology book
  • (32 units)
  • Principal technical editor is also acceptable.
  • B-11 Serve a FULL term on the SSPC Board of Governors
  • (32 units)
  • Serving on a Board of Governors for other national coatings related organizations is also acceptable for RU purposes. Note: Term must be completed before the date of certification renewal.
  • B-12 Chair an SSPC Technical Committee
  • (16 units) Many opportunities are available to chair SSPCís Technical Committees.
  • B-13 Serve a term as an officer in local coatings organization
  • (1 year = 12 units)
  • Provided the chapter/organization officer is active.
  • Document routine coatings related activity under his/her watch.
  • B-14 Coatings related Volunteerism
  • (1 hour = 2 units)
  • Volunteer work done for programs such as Habitat for Humanity, Christmas in April, etc. Submit information for approval.
  • B-15 Other work performed toward the benefit of yours or others knowledge of Protective Coatings.
  • (Units are determined by SSPC)
  • Provided the hours worked towards achieving the item submitted.
  • Provide documentation as to itís relevance in Protective Coatings