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PCS Recertification Track 2

Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS) 4th Year Recertification Process Accumulating 32 Recertification Units (RU)


NOTE: The Recertification process is based on Recertification Units. Recertification Units = Experience Units plus Education Units.

PCS 4th year recertification requires that the Protective Coatings Specialists satisfy the Recertification Process. This is met by accumulating a minimum of 32 Recertification Units (RU) during the four-year term of certification (from issue date to expiration date) by following PCS Recertification Track 1 or PCS Recertification Track 2. Recertification Units (RU) are defined as continuing employment and involvement in industry events which provide additional coatings training or activities which demonstrate your commitment to keep up-to-date on coatings technology.

  • RECERTIFICATION TRACK 2 PCS Recertification Track 2:
  • If a PCS is not able to obtain the required experience/education units to qualify for recertification according to Track 1, that individual may perform the following for recertification. First the PCS must retake the closed book PCS exam and pass to earn 24 education units. The remaining 8 education units for recertification must be completed by one of the above referenced methods of Education Units