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Plural Component Application for Polyurea and High Solids Coatings (PCAC) Recert

Certification Term & Renewal

All certified Plural Component candidates must re-certify in the fifth year from their initial certification date.

All candidates in the program will be notified by mail in the fifth year of certification. They must take the re-certification open book exam online prior to their expiration date. Candidates who do not successfully re-certify within that 12-month period will have to retake the SSPC classroom portion of the program or an SSPC-approved equivalent.

The re-certification process will include a brief open book exam, taken online. Candidates must pass the exam with a minimum score of 85%.

Recertification Fees:

  • $250.00 PCAC Recertification Online at Member Rate
  • $450.00 PCAC Recertification Online at Non-Member Rate

Candidates are required to

  1. Complete and submit to SSPC a Renewal Packet. Renewal letters are mailed to the last known address 6 months prior to the re-certification date. The letter includes return renewal forms with information to process a renewal. To request a Renewal Packet please contact Silvia Palmieri at palmieri@sspc.org or 877-281-7772 ext 2201.
  2. Download & Submit Forms:
  3. Certified Plural Component candidates must document a minimum of 1000 hours of documented experience either spraying or operating plural component spray pumps. This documentation may be listed on the work experience form, which will be in your Renewal Packet. Failure to document experience will result in that experience not counting towards maintenance of Certified status.
  4. Register and take the certification refresher exam before the expiration date of your certification. Once your renewal packet is received by SSPC, you will receive a User ID and Password via email. You will use this information to access and take the online exam. The recertification exam is intended to be completed "open book" using electronic PDF files of the units found in the student manual and will be provided online when you take the recert exam.

Each candidate will receive a new wallet identification card with photograph upon successful completion of the re-certification process.

Administrative Notes

  1. Candidate is responsible for sending SSPC updated address and contact information.
  2. If we do not receive response by their certification expiration date, these individuals’ certifications expire and they must re-take the Plural Component Course and Certification Exam to become certified again.
  3. If mail is returned as undeliverable, the Plural Component candidates record is coded with a bad


Failure to be truthful on the certification application or work experience form or failure to attend the entire qualification session or cooperate with the instructor during the qualification session are grounds for denial of certification.

Standards of Professional Practice

To maintain the high standard of skills and practice in the protective coatings industry, persons certified under the PCAC Program are required to:

  • avoid involvement in any dishonest venture
  • act in all ways with complete integrity in professional matters
  • consistently perform quality work, in a safe manner, in accordance with their level of competency, training and experience and customer requirements.

Disciplinary Action

Documented infractions of professional conduct may result in suspension or revocation of certification.

Disciplinary actions may include issuance of a reprimand, suspension, or revocation of certification for up to one year. Recommendations for disciplinary actions are initiated by the SSPC program administrator, followed by concurrence by a majority of the SSPC Education committee or designated oversight body.

Decertified individuals are no longer permitted to use the title of PCAC certified operator or spray applicator or their certification ID number. This includes, but is not limited to: business cards, letterhead, correspondence, resumes, employment applications, etc.

The formerly certified individual's name and information will be removed from the SSPC web site where SSPC will maintain a list of certified individuals. A de-certified individual is not eligible for any benefit of the certification, present or future.



For more information contactcustomerservice@sspc.org