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Train the Trainer (TTT)

Train the Trainer (TTT): a two-day training class centered around conveying knowledge, adult learning, and more in addition to how to navigate the Trainthepainter portal.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)
Includes: Lecture, and presentation assessment
Class Times: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Cost: $1,700 for up to 3 ($400 for each additional trainer)
Prerequisites*: 5 years/5,000 of industry experience (specific to blasting and spraying)
Level 2 Inspection Certification (PCI, CIP, iCorr, etc.)

* If you do not meet these exactly, please contact Jennifer Buzzatto at

How to Register**

Please contact Jennifer Buzzatto to register for a Train the Trainer course.*

Phone: (412) 281-2331 ext: 2222

**Application(s) must be approved for Trainthepainter prior to taking TTT.

SSPC Trainthepainter (TTP)

Course Description

The SSPC Trainthepainter Program has 76 Coating Application, 25 Abrasive Blast Cleaning, and 15 Spray Painter lecture modules. The program also has 39 step-by-step hands on workshops, equating to approximately 80 hours of training material. These training modules map to our certification level exams. This includes CAS (level 1 and 2), C6, C7, and C12.

Course Content

  • Module 1 & 2: Applicator Module- 40 hours (5 days) including Health and Safety, Access Plant & Equipment, Surface Preparation, Coating Types, Coating Application, and Quality Control.

  • Module 3: Abrasive Blaster Module- 24 hours (3 days) including Introduction to Blasting, Health & Safety, Blast Media, Standards & Quality Control, Operational Procedures, and Process Control.

  • Module 4: Spray Painter Module- 16 hours (2 days) including Introduction to Spray Painting, Health & Safety, Paint Materials, Airless Spray Equipment, Conventional Spray, and Plural Component Spray.

Supplementary Course Modules:

  • Metallic Coatings: Thermal Metal Spray for Corrosion Protection and Galvanizing
  • Intumescent Coatings: Both Thin Film and Thick Film Coatings
  • Concrete: The role that moisture plays, the importance of preparation, and inspection techniques used for concrete.
  • Environmental: VOCs and hazardous waste disposal methods
  • Coating Failures: Types of failures that mat be encountered in different stages of the process.
  • Management and Supervision: Requirements for suitable supervision for coating contracts
  • Offshore and Marine: Offshore construction and maintenance, dry docking procedures, and marine coating systems

Benefits of Trainthepainter

  • Meets QP standard for formal internal training
  • Meets SSPC ACS-1 standard
  • Written by industry experts
  • Material can be accessed online and offline via the training app
  • Real time updating of the curriculum, to keep up with all industry changes
  • Internationally recognized
  • Available in 9+ languages
  • Flexible training to fit your schedule

Program Options

Registered Company:

  • Contractors involved in shop and field surface preparation and coating application.
  • With an approved trainer, a contractor is able to deliver the training, in-house, to their employees.

Affiliate Organization:

  • These organizations are typically training providers who conduct education and assessment for other companies and individuals.

For additional information, please contact:

Jennifer Buzzatto: (412) 281-2331 ext. 2222 |



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