Training & Certification

Want to Host a SSPC Training Course?

How can I host a SSPC Public Offering?

If you want to host an SSPC training course at your facility, please contact Jennifer Merck at

What does it mean to host a SSPC Public Offering?

If you host an SSPC public offering you are allowing people from the coatings industry to come and take an SSPC Training Class at your facility.

  • You can pick the date of the offiering
  • You will also get two free slots in the class

The following are some of the responsibilities that you would have if you hosted a course:

  • You would have to find a location for the training
  • You would have to provide AV equipment
  • You would have to recommend a hotel
  • Provide On-Site Administration for the Course
  • Provide coffee or refreshments for the students
  • You will have to help do the marketing for the event

SSPC Will Provide:

  • Provide 1 Set of Course Material
  • Provide 1 Set of the Power Point on CD ROM
  • Grade Exams
  • Generate and Issue Certificates/CEUs
  • Take all of the registrations
  • Find the instructors for the courses