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Want to Host a SSPC Training Course?

2018 Training Hosts

The companies listed below support SSPC training by hosting courses around the world. If you would like to become a training host, please scroll down the page to learn how.

How can I host an SSPC Public Offering?

If you want to host an SSPC training course at your facility, please contact Jennifer Merck at

What does it mean to host an SSPC Public Offering?

If you host an SSPC public offering you are allowing people from the coatings industry to come and take an SSPC Training Class at your facility.

  • You can pick the date of the offiering
  • You will also get two free slots in the class

The following are some of the responsibilities that you would have if you hosted a course:

  • You would have to find a location for the training
  • You would have to provide AV equipment
  • You would have to recommend a hotel
  • Provide On-Site Administration for the Course
  • Provide coffee or refreshments for the students
  • You will have to help do the marketing for the event

SSPC Will Provide:

  • Provide 1 Set of Course Material
  • Provide 1 Set of the Power Point on CD ROM
  • Grade Exams
  • Generate and Issue Certificates/CEUs
  • Take all of the registrations
  • Find the instructors for the courses