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Training & Certification

How to Become an Instructor

What are the Qualifications to become an SSPC Instructor?

1. Candidates must take the SSPC training course that they would like to instruct.

2. Candidates must:

  • pass the course exam(s) with a 90% score
  • submit a mock video
  • meet the other requirements listed in the Instructor Qualification Form
  • partake in a skype interview with SSPC staff

3. Candidates must complete the Instructor Application and submit it to SSPC.

4. If a candidate meets all of the requirements they must then successfully teach the course as a provisional instructor, while being monitored by an SSPC Lead Instructor, to gain final lead instructor approval.

What characteristics is SSPC looking for in an Instructor?

Your knowledge level is only a small part of the qualities that SSPC is looking for. We are also interested in whether you have the ingredients that make up a good instructor - patience, a friendly personality, an encouraging nature and a sense of humor! If you have the qualities of a good instructor then SSPC welcomes you to submit an application.

Who do I contact to submit an application?

Jennifer Merck
Director of Training and Certification
Toll Free: 1.877.281.7772
Phone: 412.281.2331 ext 2221
Fax: 412.281.9993