Why Should You Consider CCI?

Inspecting protective coatings on concrete is NOT the same as inspecting protective coatings on steel.

In any construction project, you want to ensure that the correct tool is being used for the job at hand. You wouldn't use a banana to drive a nail into a 2x4, so why would you take a training program focused on steel when you're inspecting coatings on concrete?

The use of protective coatings to protect structural concrete, water and waste water facilities and other assets has been increasing every year. Inspection standards and practices for inspection instrument use for coatings applied to concrete surfaces differ in many ways from inspecting coatings on steel surfaces.

Here's why concrete is unique:

1. Concrete is porous. Moisture and moisture vapor transmission are huge concerns when inspecting concrete. On steel, water sits on the surface and can easily be seen. On concrete, the surface may appear dry, but below the surface, hidden moisture could ruin a coating application.

2. pH. Concrete is a living substrate. Testing the pH is crucial for coating application. If the pH is below 9, concrete is unstable, making it liable to crack or deteriorate and not ready for coating application.

3. Surface Prep. Surface preparation used on concrete can be one of many different methods. It's important to understand Concrete Surface Profiles (CSP’s) when inspecting surface preparation of concrete.

Get the In-Depth Training You Need

Don't rely on a chapter in a steel-focused course to sharpen your concrete knowledge. SSPC's Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI) program was developed specifically to provide a deep-dive into the conditions encountered during the coating of concrete. There is no other inspection course like it in the WORLD. Learn more by visiting sspc.org/trn-crs-cci and then use the links below to register for our upcoming UK programs, hosted by Elcometer in Manchester.

Concrete Coating Inspector Program (CCI)
Date: September 10-15, 2018
Location: Manchester, England UK
Registration ends on August 20, 2018

>>> Register Online: Level 1 | Level 1 & 2
CCI Supplement: Determining the Level of Moisture in Concrete (CCI SUPP)
Date: September 16, 2018
Location: Manchester, England UK
Registration ends on August 26, 2018

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