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Contacting SSPC can be accomplished through a variety of means. In addition to traditional telephone, fax and email, SSPC can also be reached via Twitter (@thesspc), Facebook and LinkedIn.

800 Trumbull Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Toll Free: 1 (877) 281.7772
(USA and Canada)
International: 1 (412) 281.2331

FAX: 1 (412) 444.3591

In addition, if you are an SSPC Member or have an account on, you can contact SSPC through the “Help” form found on your “My Account” page.

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Executive Director’s Office
Technology & Communications
Member Development & Engagement
Training & Certification
Technical Services


Bill Worms
Bill WormsExecutive Director
Christine Lajzo
Christine LajzoExecutive Administrator / Office and Facilities Specialist
Bob McMurdy
Bob McMurdyBusiness Development Consultant
Terry Sowers
Terry Sowers Sr. Member Services Advisor
Michael Damiano
Michael Damiano Sr. Technical Advisor


Michael Kline
Michael KlineDirector, Technology & Communications
Robert Baugh
Robert BaughManager, Technology
Nicole Lourette
Nicole LouretteEvents Manager
Bernie Nothum
Bernie NothumTechnology/IT Specialist
Bree McCullough
Bree McCulloughMultimedia Specialist
Chris Shondelmyer
Chris ShondelmyerPrint & Marketing Specialist
Gwen Metcalfe
Gwen Metcalfe Marketing Specialist
Morgan Stamm
Morgan Stamm Marketing Communications Specialist


Greg Muha
Greg Muha Director, Member Development & Engagement
Jim Kunkle
Jim KunkleManager, Business Development
Eric Piotrowski
Eric PiotrowskiBusiness Development Specialist
Jennifer Buzzatto
Jennifer BuzzattoBusiness Development Specialist
David Tufiño
David TufiñoBi-Lingual Member Services Coordinator
Cara Blyzwick
Cara Blyzwick Membership Specialist
Phil Hall
Phil Hall Member Specialist
Haley Urben
Haley Urben Member Services Assistant/Publications Coordinator


Jennifer Merck
Jennifer MerckDirector, Training & Certification
Sara Badami
Sara BadamiTraining Manager
Jessica Miller
Jessica MillerTraining and Certification Specialist
Gina Merico
Gina Merico Program Delivery Coordinator
Troy Eisenhauer
Troy Eisenhauer Program Delivery Coordinator
Silvia Palmieri
Silvia Palmieri Individual Certification Specialist
Melissa Pinolini
Melissa PinoliniTraining and Certification Specialist
Brian Spahr
Brian SpahrShipping/Mobile Training Unit Coordinator
Joe Corll
Joe CorllProgram Delivery Coordinator
Danielle Edmond
Danielle EdmondProgram Delivery Coordinator


John Whalen
John WhalenDirector, Technical Services
Dustin Young
Dustin Young Product Development Manager
Aimée Beggs
Aimée BeggsStandards Development Specialist
Brent Miller
Brent MillerCertification Program Specialist
Pamela Groff
Pamela GroffTechnical Materials Development Specialist
Anne McHenry
Anne McHenryInstructional Design Specialist
Don Molinari
Don MolinariTechnical Services Specialist/PCCP Support
Henry Arato
Henry AratoPCCP Program Manager
John Caturano
John CaturanoTechnical Auditor
Tim Duda
Tim Duda Technical Auditor
Patrick Eddins
Patrick EddinsTechnical Auditor
Greg Hinkle
Greg HinkleTechnical Auditor
Jon Kinney
Jon KinneyTechnical Auditor
Hiromi Yamaguchi
Hiromi YamaguchiTechnical Auditor
Kris Kemper
Kris KemperTechnical Auditor


Keith Koebley
Keith KoebleyDirector, Operations
Dee Boyle
Dee BoyleReceptionist & Administrative Assistant
Cheryl Donovan
Cheryl DonovanFinance and Human Resources Manager
Julie Chiem
Julie Chiem Accounting/Administrative Coordinator


Board of Governors (referred to herein as the “Board”), composed of a minimum of thirteen (13) elected members, shall manage the affairs of SSPC. The Board acts as the Board of Directors of the SSPC as described in its Articles.

The composition of the Board shall be elected from individuals representing the following categories:

  • Facility Owners (individuals who own or are employed by public or private sector owners of assets who are responsible for the maintenance of coatings of heavy or light industrial structures and surfaces).
  • Coating Material Suppliers (individuals who own, are employed by, or represent firms that manufacture or distribute coatings, linings, or the raw materials used to manufacture these products).
  • Other Product Suppliers (individuals who own, are employed by, or represent firms that manufacture or distribute equipment, abrasive, or peripheral products for use in the protective coatings industry).
  • Union Coating Contractors (individuals who own or are employed by contracting firms who are part of a collective bargaining agreement for labor and specialize in the removal or application of coatings and linings, either in the field or shop).
  • Non-Union Coating Contractors (individuals who own or are employed by contracting firms whose labor force is open/merit shop and specialize in the removal or application of coatings and linings, either in the field or shop).
  • Other Service Providers (individuals who own, are employed by, or represent firms who provide services such as engineering and consulting, that support the protective coatings industry).
  • International Membership (individuals who own or are employed by companies who do business and are located outside of North America). An international delegate shall be from any demographic. No more than one (1) international member shall be represented from each geographical area (i.e. Central/South America, Asia/Pacific, Europe, etc.) and must hold a valid passport from a country in that area. The Board may specify the geographical area for each international member position.

The number of Board members in each category will be guided by the demographics of the total membership and needs in a particular category. The Board may change its composition with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting members of the Board.


Effective July, 1 2019 – June, 30 2020

Board Officers

Joseph Walker
Vice President
Elcometer, Inc.
6900 Miller Drive
Warren, MI 48092

Joyce A. Wright
President – Elect
Protective Coatings-Process Improvement
Huntington Ingalls Industries – Newport News Shipbuilding
4101 Washington Avenue, Bldg. 86/3 Dept. 007
Newport News, VA 23607

Sam B. Scaturro, PCS
Vice President
Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors
17 Florida Ave
Patterson, NJ 07503

Garry D. Manous
Immediate Past President
Vice President of Operations
Atsalis Brothers Painting
24595 Groesbeck Highway
Warren, Michigan 48089

Board Members

Mana H. Al-Mansour, PCS
Coating Specialist
Saudi Aramco
Al-Midra Tower, Saudi Aramco
Dhahran 31311
Saudi Arabia

Ross D. Boyd
108 North Clay, Suite 210
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Juan Caballero, MCI, PCS
Naval & Industrial Solutions S.A.
VIA Principal Chanis, Casa 10B
Local 2, Parque Lefevre

Robert A. Cloutier
Manager Coatings & Corrosion Control
General Dynamics – Bath Iron Works
700 Washington St. MS 4055
Bath, ME 04530

Don Holle
Vice President & Quality System Manager
Abhe & Svoboda, Inc.
18100 Dairy Lane
Jordan, MN 55352

Alison B. Kaelin
ABKaelin, LLC
5 Marshall Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15214

Jay Kranker
Segment Strategic Key Account Representative
Herc Pro Solutions
929 W. La Cadena
Riverside, CA 92501

Ahren Olson, PCS
Marketing Manager – Corrosion Protection
1 Covestro Circle
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

William Doni Riddle
Sr. Vice President of Sales
The Sherwin-Williams Company
101 Prospect Avenue NW
1500 Republic Building
Cleveland, OH 44115

Ex-Officio Board Members

James R. King, Jr.
John B. Conomos, Inc.
P.O. Box 279
Bridgeville, PA 15017

Gregory M. Redick
Potomac Redan Associates LLC

L. Skip Vernon, PCS, MCI
CLT, Inc.
P.O. Box 639
Tijeras, NM 87059

Keith W. Koebley – SSPC Staff/Treasurer
Director of Operations
SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings

William M. Worms – SSPC Staff/Secretary
Executive Director
SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings


SSPC’s day-to-day operations are run by five directors who oversee different parts of the organization. The Executive Director is the head of the organization with the other four directors reporting to that position.