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SSPC Releases C1 Online Instructor-Led Training

April 6, 2020

SSPC announced this week the release of a new version of its C1 Fundamentals of Protective Coatings course.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for coatings professionals to continue training while they work remotely, the C1 has been adjusted to enable students to receive a combination of live instruction and self-paced learning.

The instructor lead training course features the same units that are used in online and onsite classes but is taught over a 10-day period and includes combination of virtual instructor-led training sessions and online course materials and assessments.

C1 provides a practical overview for those who are new to the protective coatings industry as well as those who need a refresher on the fundamentals of corrosion and the use of protective coatings as a preventive measure against corrosion of industrial structures.

The course starts on April 20, 2020 and culminates on May 5, 2020 with the course exam.  No class will be held on April 29 and 30.  Instruction will occur each day from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm EDT. The exam on May 5 will take two hours.

  • Instructors and students will meet using GoToWebinar for each class session.
  • Students can join the sessions using any compatible computer or mobile device. Basic system requirements for GoToWebinar can be found here.
  • A unique link will be provided for each session (9 units plus the exam).
  • Instructors and students will be able to utilize video and audio to communicate throughout the session. The instructor will also have access to interactive features such as polling and a chat box for questions.
  • A registration and attendee report can be generated at the end of each session in order to track student participation.
  • At the end of the course, students will be enrolled in the final exam through Litmos/SSPC University.

The instructor for the inaugural course will be Mike O’Brien. Mike is the owner of MARK 10 Resource Group, Inc., a firm providing consulting services for facility owners, fabricators, OEM manufacturers, contractors, and coating manufacturers. He holds several industry certifications including SSPC PCI, SSPC C7, and NACE CIP Level III (w/Peer Review). He is a NACE CIP instructor and has taught coating or inspection related courses in 12 foreign countries.  Mike is also a regular speaker at the SSPC and NACE national conferences.

To learn more about the new C1, please visit or contact Sara Badami at