You must fill out and submit a separate electronic form for each Corrective Action. Please contact the SSPC Corporate Certification Specialist if you have questions: 412.281.2331 (telephone), 412.444.3591 (fax), or

Section 1: Report Information

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Section 2: Schedule and Audit Type

Specific Audit Type

Section 3: Describe the Deficiency

Section 4: Root Cause Analysis

Section 5: Corrective Action

Section 6: Contractor Contact Information

Section 7: Submitted Cap Action Items

Implementation Date
Is additional Training Required?YesNo Implementation Date
Is Equipment Required?YesNo Implementation Date
Document Revision Required?YesNo Implementation Date
Impact on Schedule or Work Plan?YesNo Implementation Date
Is Customer Approval Required?YesNo Implementation Date
Implementation Date

Section 8: Upload Supporting Documents