The DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference is a critical event that fosters an efficient and effective collaborative environment to not only better understand the impact of corrosion on DoD equipment and infrastructure, but also to jointly work toward practical prevention and control solutions. This effort brings together a diverse spectrum of technical expertise and knowledge representing government, industry, academia, and international corrosion partners. Participants represent essentially every field related to corrosion prevention and control; including basic and applied research, maintenance and sustainment, research and development, practitioners and manufacturers, and the DoD acquisition workforce. Through a series of technical programs and events, the conference proceedings are designed to stimulate collaboration and promote information sharing opportunities.

2019 Proceedings

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Sarah Galyon Dorman

The Development of a Method for Complex Environment Corrosion Fatigue Testing

Fritz Friedersdorf

Continuous Measurement of Environment-Assisted Cracking of Aircraft Aluminum Alloys in Corrosive Atmosps

Alan Grieve

Nanocobalt alloys for high-strength bushings- A presentation of their electrochemical corrosion properties

Doug Hansen

Investigation of Surface Corrosion Morphology of Aluminum Aerospace Alloys as it Pertains to Corrosion Behavior and Corrosion Rate at Various Atmospheric Exposure Sites.

Jason Lee

Biodegradation of DoD Assets and Materials in Tropical Environments

Alan Rose

Using simulation to help understand differences between corrosion in atmospheric environments and accelerated chamber tests

Christine Sanders

Atmospheric Corrosion Severity Monitoring for the Navy

Justin Dolph

Adhesion Testing of MIL-PRF-23236 and MIL-PRF-24635 coatings

Jörgen van Es

Towards understanding of corrosion on composite aircraft

Lloyd Hihara

The Corrosion Behavior of AA5086 Friction Stir Welded Joints in 3.15 WT% Sodium Chloride, ASTM Seawater, and 0.5 M Sodium Sulfate

The Corrosion Behavior of AA6061 Friction Stir Welded Joints in 3.15 WT% Sodium Chloride, ASTM Seawater, and 0.5 M Sodium Sulfate

Jason Howison

Relating Computational Fluid Dynamics to Corrosion Experiments in Flowing Aqueous Environments: the Laminar Flow Case

Lauren Paladino

Redefining Stages of Corrosion

Nick Subotsch

Standards, Approvals and Guidelines – the Target for Allied Nations

Sarah Galyon Dorman

The Effect of Corrosion Inhibitors on Fatigue Damage Under Complex Environmental Conditions

Jesse Kelly

Effect of Inhibitor Leaching from Chromate and Chromate-Free Primers on the Corrosion Protection of AA7075-T651

Ralph Moon

Comparative Analysis of Protective Coatings Performance on Metals

Lindsey Blohm

Aerospace Primer Analysis Utilizing Modeling of Polarization Data

Thomas Curtin

A Computational Modeling Framework For Predicting Accumulated Galvanic Corrosion Damage Using A Service Life Model

Alan Rose

Three-dimensional electrochemical modeling of anodic aluminum rich primer

Computation Corrosion Analysis Guides Material Choice from Design through Sustainment

David Shifler

Materials Selection for Future Marine Gas Turbines

Tony Trueman

Synergistic Prognostic Modeling of Atmospheric Corrosion

Kristen Williams

Characterizing and Modeling the Corrosion Severity of Aircraft Microclimates using Signal Processing Techniques

Nicole DeVries

Enhancing the USAF Corrosion Survey Process Via Advanced Analytics Integration

Douglas Hansen

Non Destructive Evaluation of Urethane-Epoxy Coating Systems using a Portable Scanning Kelvin Probe

Symren Sanghera

Segmented Cells for Coating Analysis

Sergei Shipilov

An Experimental Irradiation Assembly for the Investigation of Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth in Structural Components of Naval Reactors.

Ralph Tapphorn

Environmentally-Compliant Corrosion and Wear Protection Coatings

Hoen Velterop

Assessment of the corrosivity of the operational environment of helicopters using sensors and modelling

Steven Kopitzke

Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPC) of Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS) in Naval Aviation Environments

Elizabeth Shivers

Globally Deployable Mobile Corrosion Repair Facilities

Steve Spadafora

DoD Aerospace Corrosion Prevention and Control Standards

Aaron Sudholz

A Corrosion Management System for Rotary-Wing Aircraft

Franczak Agnieszka

Computer Aided Analysis as an assistance to corrosion control and reduction: from find-it / fix-it towards predict & manage

Sujay Math

Effective corrosion prevention strategy for AST soil-side tank bottom application using Vapor Corrosion inhibitors and Cathodic Protection in combination.

Lauren Paladino

Instituting a Quality Assurance Audit Program at USMC Corrosion Repair Facilities

Jacob Steiner

Passivation Treatments for Copper-Nickel Alloys Exposed to Seawater

Donald Lawson

Analytical Study of Corrosion Resistance of High Performance Topcoats Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Steven Kopitzke

Electrodeposition of Aluminum on a Stainless Steel Substrate from Ionic Liquids

Michelle Koul

Constant Extension Rate Testing of Additively Manufactured 17-4PH Steel

Ramgopal Thodia

Hydrogen Embrittlement of 718 Under Cathodic Protection

Bill Abbot

Field and Flight Experience With A Passive Corrosion Sensor

Field and Flight Studies of the Effects of Wash Intervals Using A Passive Corrosion Sensor

Brandi Clark

Continuous Measurement of Coating Condition and Substrate Corrosion for Simulated Aircraft Structural Components

Erica Macha

Development of a Methodology to Predict Atmospheric Corrosion Severity Using Corrosion Sensor Technologies

Miachael McInerney

Demonstration and Validation of Single-Well Electro-Osmotic Dewatering Systems for Corrosion Mitigation

Johnathan Trovillion

Demonstration of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Repair of Reinforced Concrete Water Tanks in Extreme Corrosive Environments

Jeannine Elliott

Flexible Chromate-Free Aerospace Primer

Matthew McMahon

The Mitigation of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking in AL-MG Via High Performance Zinc-Rich Primers

David Hunter

Mind the Gap: Increasing Coating Life Cycles Through Quality Program Implementation

Jun Jiheon

Corrosion Performance of MIL PRF- 23377 Primer on Laser-Interference Structured Aluminum alloy 2024

Adrian Sabau

Corrosion Resistance of Laser-Interference Structured Aluminum alloy 2024 Coated with MIL-PRF-85582 Primer

Terry Gabbert

A Breakdown of the System

David Hunter

Coating Condition Assessments: What is it, What Value Does it Bring, and How to Get What You Pay for

Michael Seitz

New Laws Governing Air Quality in the Workplace* – Serious Risks Exist Once Dust is Captured

Zhang Wellong

Systems Approach to REACH-compliant Coating Systems for Aerospace Applications

Luke Brewer

Corrosion Behavior and Sensitization of Cold Sprayed Austenitic Stainless Steel

Diane Buhrmaster

Direct Contactless Microfabrication of 3D Riblets Improved Capability, Metrology and Durability

Terry Gabbert

Approved Non-Cr Coating Stackups after over a Decade of Exploration

Adam Goff

Durable, Hydrophobic Surface Treatment for Enhanced Corrosion Protection of Landing Gear

Earl Ramlow

Waterborne, High Ratio Zinc Silicate (WB HRZS) Anti-Corrosion Technology

Agar Oz

Corrosion Behavior of Aluminum Alloy AA7075 Cold Sprayed Coatings

Adam Goff

Durable sol-gel surface treatment to mitigate galvanic corrosion

Lauren Paladino

Surface Preparation for Painting Plastic Vehicle Components

Eric Shoyer

Optimizing Surface Preparation of Aluminum Alloys for Coating Application

David Watson

The Green Clean: Remove Corrosion & Other Contaminants with Environmentally Responsible Dry Ice

Alan Grieve

Nanocobalt alloys for high-strength bushings- A presentation of their electrochemical corrosion properties

Casey Jones

Predictive Corrosion and Wash Optimization for Increased A/C Availability and Decreased Cost

Handheld Lasers for Corrosion and Coating Removal on USAF AGE and Update on A/C Approval

Alan Rose

Non-drip Selective Plating and Anodizing for Aircraft

John Wegand

Dry Ice Technology for Cleaning Topside Coatings & Nonskid Coatings

DoD Product Introduction Workshop