Ensure that project risk management is maintained through implementation of a risk/safety management program that monitors activity, highlights weak areas, identifies inattentive management, and puts into place a process that everyone understands and is behind. Discover new ways to engage employees while managing safety, health programs, and the overall risk of industrial painting operation environments.


Level: Basic
Duration: 24 hours over 16 week semester
Includes: Online written exam
Cost: Member $845 | Non-member $1,045 | Flex Points 15
Credits: 2.4 CEUs
Certification Term: n/a
Prerequisites: No

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This eCourse will provide participants with knowledge and skills necessary to be a competent person related to safety and health programs in industrial coating operations. The course will cover recognizing hazards encountered in industrial coating projects, controlling those exposures, and risk management/insurance. This course will be delivered in 16 units featuring lecture, workshops, quizzes, and a multiple choice assessment.


  • Role of the Contractor’s Safety Director or Manager
  • Managing Risk
  • Commonly Encountered Industrial Coating Occupational Hazards
  • Recognizing Impairment
  • Real Costs of Accidents
  • Effective Disciplinary Action
  • Feasibility of Safety Committees
  • Pros and Cons of Worker Incentives
  • EMR’s
  • Industry Standards
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