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Revision Released for SSPC – QP 2, Standard Procedure for Evaluating the Qualifications of Industrial/Marine Painting Contractors (Removal of Hazardous Coatings from Structures)

November 12, 2019

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings is pleased to announce the availability of the latest version of the SSPC-QP 2 standard.

The update to QP 2 was recently released to the SSPC MarketPlace and the SSPC mobile app, and is available for download by members via the Standards Download Tool on Details regarding the update are:

Committee: C.5.3.D, QP 2 Revision
Committee Chair: Greg Roby, Stantec
Description of Contents/ Technical Revisions:

Substantive revisions in the 2019 QP 2 include:

  • Addition of a section on subcontracting, containing more detailed requirements for contractor responsibility, subcontractor selection, and an explanation of subcontractor certification status requirements. The language in this section is similar to that in the January 2019 revision of SSPC-QP 1.
  • Several new definitions have been added and existing definitions have been revised.
  • Requirements for the company’s Environmental Health and Safety Manager have been modified to reflect the revisions in the January 2019 QP 1 revision and include additional training requirements specific to removal of hazardous coatings.
  • Procedural requirements for obtaining and maintaining qualification have been clarified for consistency with the 2019 revision of SSPC-QP 1 issued earlier this year.

Stakeholders Value Statement (how the standard can be used):

SSPC-QP 2 is intended to be a supplement to other SSPC painting contractor certifications such as SSPC-QP 1 (for field surface preparation and application of industrial protective coatings), QP 6 (for application of thermal spray (metallized) coatings), or QP 8 (for application of coatings to concrete and cementitious substrates). The requirements of QP 2 specifically address a contractor’s environmental health and safety practices for removal of coatings containing hazardous materials such as lead or other toxic metals. Owners may require certification to SSPC-QP 2 for projects that involve hazardous coating removal in addition to QP 1, QP 6, or QP 8 certification.

Questions about this revision, as well as any others regarding SSPC standards development and technical committees, can be directed to Aimee Beggs at or 412-281-2331, x2223.