SSPC certified contractors need to demonstrate that they strive to be the best in the industry. To become certified, the contractor or shop must:

  • Complete a detailed application form describing the company and its work history
  • Submit documentation on quality control, safety, and environmental compliance programs and procedures
  • Obtain acceptance of the submittal
  • Undergo an on-site audit by an SSPC auditor of both the contractor’s primary place of business and an active job site to demonstrate the company’s capabilities
  • For coating contractor certifications, comply with a rigorously enforced Disciplinary Action Code

It usually takes one to two months from the time the contractor submits its application to the time that the SSPC certification process is complete. SSPC requires the observation of bona fide work in progress as part of each on-site audit, with no exceptions.

All industrial coating contractors and shops, regardless of size, volume of work, markets served, or affiliations, are eligible for SSPC certification, provided that they can demonstrate a six-month production history of compliance with certification requirements prior to their initial evaluation.

Certified coating contractors must maintain the programs guidelines on all of their projects. This applies even when the contract or project specifications do not name SSPC certification as a requirement.

The ranks of SSPC certified contractors include large, medium, and small businesses; those that paint bridges, storage tanks, structural steel, concrete, military facilities, Navy ships, or a variety of complex industrial structures; and those that may be minority or women owned.

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