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Sherwin-Williams Takes Action Against COVID-19

The Sherwin-Williams Company has played a role in supporting many communities around the U.S. They have sent much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals, clinics, and first responders to communities in New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, Massachusetts, California, and New York just to name a few. Items included in the donations are N95 masks, protective gloves, and coveralls.

In their efforts to support as many affected parties as possible, they are also donating coatings products to essential industrial jobs. Food and beverage packaging, health care equipment manufacturing, food manufacturing equipment, water treatment facilities and energy infrastructure are all on the growing list of industrial businesses the Sherwin-Williams Company is helping during this pandemic. Specific applications of the protective coatings products Sherwin-Williams is delivering, have included producers of ventilators, oxygen tanks, and hospital bed-frames.

To read about all the ways The Sherwin-Williams Company is helping communities visit:

Information in this post was taken from The Sherwin-Williams Company community webpage on Mar 25, 2020.*