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SSPC Launches Next Generation eCourse Focusing on PA 2

May 15, 2020

Pittsburgh, PA – SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings released its newest eCourse today, “Using SSPC PA 2 Effectively”.  The course, which is based on the instructor-led program that SSPC has offered since 2010 incorporates updated information and is presented using video and animated demonstrations of key aspects of the PA 2 standard.

Featuring Bill Corbett, chair of the SSPC Education Committee as well as the SSPC Dry Film Thickness committee responsible for the SSPC-PA 2 standard, the course uses video to demonstrate how to complete the measurements described in the standard.  Through visual examples students will learn the frequency of spot measurements on pipe spools, test panels, coated steel beams and pipe sections. Students will also gain valuable practice in determining whether the film thickness in a given area conforms to the various coating thickness restriction levels available within SSPC-PA 2.

SSPC-PA 2 is one of the most specified standards for frequency and acceptability of dry film thickness measurements. The course will provide immediate benefit to facility owners, coating manufacturers, engineering firms, management, supervisors, QA/QC and inspectors who need to understand and implement the standard on their projects. In addition, the PA 2 eCourse is a good preparatory choice for students who wish to take the SSPC PCI, BCI, and NBPI coating inspection courses.

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