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SSPC and the GSA Schedule – What is it?

On today’s podcast, we discuss the SSPC contract with the General Services Administration (GSA), what it means for SSPC to be on the schedule, and how members benefit from this contract.

SSPC Launches NEW eCourse Based on SSPC-PA 2 Standard

In today’s episode of the SSPC Podcast, Bree and Mike sit down to discuss what the SSPC-PA 2 standard is, why it’s important, and why SSPC developed a brand new eCourse format for the new eCourse, “Using SSPC PA-2 Effectively.”

SSPC’s New eLearning Opportunities

Today, Bree McCullough sits down with members of SSPC’s Training Department and Technical Department to discuss the newest online training formats and eCourses that SSPC’s launched this year. At the end of this podcast, join Jim Kunkle for the first episode of “SSPC’s Coatings Talk” where Jim sits down with Mike O’Brien to discuss SSPC’s first online, instructor-led eCourse.

SSPC’s response to COVID-19

Today, we are joined by members of SSPC’s Leadership Team to talk about what SSPC is doing during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue supporting members, some of the innovative programs being explored and launched by the team, and how the transition to remote work is going.

Preparing for the upcoming SSPC & NACE vote with Bill Worms and Bob Chalker

Bree McCullough, Multimedia Specialist at SSPC, and Ben DuBose, Staff Writer for NACE Publications, sat down with SSPC Executive Director Bill Worms and NACE CEO Bob Chalker to discuss the member vote on the proposed combination of SSPC and NACE. The vote launches April 3rd and runs through April 17th. Those who are members of both organizations will have the opportunity to vote twice. All active members should check their email for the link to the ballot from Simply Voting starting April 3rd.