Standards, technology reports, guides, and qualification procedures are the cornerstones of the SSPC mission. As the foundation for all SSPC training conducted globally, they serve to ensure the highest degree of quality, productivity, and safety in the protective coatings industry.

They are developed through consensus collaboration of SSPC technical committee members who are recognized worldwide as the foremost subject matter experts in the areas of surface preparation, abrasives, coatings and coating system material performance and application, and contractor qualification. As innovations in technology and process drive the industry, new standards are developed, and existing standards are revised or withdrawn in accordance with technical committee procedures.

SSPC Technical Committees

Committees are the foundation of SSPC Standards.

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Revision Date
  • Abrasives (AB)
  • Applicator Certification Standards (ACS)
  • Paint and Coatings (PAINT)
  • Paint Application (PA)
  • Painting Systems (PS)
  • Coating Systems (CS)
  • Qualification Procedures (QP)
  • Surface Preparation (SP)
  • Technology Guides (GUIDES)
  • Technology Reports (TR)
  • Technology Updates (TU)
  • Concrete Coating Texture (CTS)
  • CPC Planning (CPC)
Title:SSPC-AB 1, Mineral and Slag Abrasives
Revision Date: May 2019
Title:SSPC-AB 2, Cleanliness of Recycled Ferrous Metallic Abrasive
Revision Date: February 2016
Title:SSPC-AB 3, Ferrous Metallic Abrasive
Revision Date: December 2017
Title:SSPC-AB 4, Recyclable Encapsulated Abrasive Media
Revision Date: August 2016

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