SSPC technical committees are formed as new standards development or revision projects are initiated.You may join a committee by contacting Aimée Beggs (877.281.7772 x 2223) directly to discuss membership in a specific committee or by responding to an Interest Group poll.

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If you do not know which committees you would like to join, you can request addition to one or more SSPC Technical Interest Groups listed below.

Coating Materials Methods for Improved Performance
Surface Preparation Environmental Safety and Health
Application, Inspection, and Quality Control Protection of Cememtitious Substrates
Commercial Coatings Committees

At the beginning of development of a new standard or revision of an existing standard, SSPC will poll the appropriate Technical Interest Group(s) by e-mail, announce the formation of a new committee, describe the development or revision project. and provide an opportunity for members of the Technical Interest Group(s) and other interested stakeholders to join the new committee as voting or non-voting members.

Travel is NOT required for technical committee membership, but voting members are expected to respond to all committee polls and ballots, and to participate in committee conference calls if possible. Active technical committees usually have one in-person meeting each year in conjunction with SSPC’s National Conference.

SSPC committees have been using an Online Workspace  for reviewing and voting on standards since September 2011.


Committee members who hold voting membership make a commitment to participate by responding to committee polls and ballots and participating in committee conference calls. Voting membership is closed at the time of the first formal ballot, and is limited to one voting representative per company, with one designated alternate who can cast a ballot if the voting representative cannot vote.  Both the voting representative and the alternate can submit comments on balloted drafts during ballot periods.


Non-voting members are not required to respond to polls and ballots, but will be given the opportunity to comment on drafts during ballot periods and notified of conference calls and meetings. Non-voting members may be added to a committee distribution list at any time, provided that the committee retains a balance of interest among stakeholder interest categories.


As an ANSI-accredited standards developer, SSPC is required to maintain a balance of interest among stakeholders on standards-developing committees.The ANSI requirements for balance are that no interest category can have more than 50% representation on any committee developing non-safety-related standards.  If the standard to be developed is safety-related, no interest category can have more than 33% representation on the committee.  Both voting and non-voting members are considered when determining the percentage of representation.  This policy ensures that the standards development process is not dominated by any single interest category, individual, or organization.

As of December 2014, SSPC interest categories for committee members are: Abrasives Manufacturer, Architect/Engineer/Consultant; Coating Manufacturer, Dealer/Distributor/Store, Equipment Manufacturer; Fabricator, Facility Owner, Government/Regulatory Agency/Research, Industry/Technical Association, Labor Association, Raw Material Manufacturer, Shipyard.

For more information about joining a Technical Committee:
Please contact Aimée Beggs at